To some, the idea of absolutes bring a feeling of structure and stability garnered by “proven” rules, data and boundaries. These seemingly absolutes of life bring a comfortable foundation upon which the remainder of life may be established. It is through the absolutes that values and perhaps even moral structures are based. Communities, states, countries and society may often be based on absolutes of the day. From the language we use, to the way we discipline those who step outside societal norms of behavior, to the science that we teach our youth, to the faith that we practice, we construct life with of “absolutes”. In the history of the United States of America there was at one time an absolute acceptability of owning other humans as property to be bought and sold. Sometimes it is merely our senses that guide us to believe in absolutes. We rely only upon what we are able to discern through sense consciousness rather than allowing the unknown of Spirit. When we view life through the lens of divinity we may see absolutes differently. I am left to wonder what future generations may conclude about the absolutes of our modern day world.

The language we use to name the energy that permeates all existence, the endless that has no beginning and no end implies absolutes. When I us the word God, I may alienate Muslim, Hindu, and those who practice other faiths. When I call the name Jesus Christ, I may distance myself from those of Jewish faith. We understand the power of the Word. In the Abrahamic traditions, the Word called into life all creation in the Genesis story. In Christianity, we learn in the New Testament (John 1:14) that The Word, Logos, was in the beginning. When religion is based upon the absolute that they are the one and only true religion there is an establishment of separation and division.

Our criminal justice system is based on the absolute that those who step outside the law of the land shall be punished. It sounds reasonable until I ask, what deterrent has the punishing wrongdoers created? Statistically the incarceration rate per capita in the United States is higher rate than any other country. Perhaps we might consider the African tribe that invites the person who has stepped out of “acceptable behavior” into the circle of the tribe to be reminded of all of their fine qualities and of their goodness.

Today, scientists confirm that what once believed to be empty space is instead filled with vibrational energy. In the not so distant past, categories of people were deemed unworthy of the right to vote for elected officials or for rules and regulations that governed their very own lives. Looking further back in time, there was a certainty that the earth was flat, until someone thought otherwise and challenged this absolute. I often wonder, which of the absolutes of our modern world will be proven to be inaccurate.

When we dare to look beyond the constraints of absolute thinking, we allow an expansion of unlimited possibility. When we believe that there is a power, an energy, a life force that is greater than self, what potential is there? We, in our humanness are limited to what we cans see, feel, think, and imagine. When we think of life force that is Creator of all, is unending, we are feebly limited in our imagining it. When we remove the absolute constrains of the human condition that separate and divide humanity, then we are able to move to the truth of our existence.

Love without visible barriers of skin color, gender, faith, orientation, or another other markers we use to see “the other”, is free. Without that which separates us one from another, we will sit side by side seeing, speaking, and hearing soul to soul. Perhaps we will then live the oneness of our Creator. Loving soul to soul, this is the yearning that is the life force within us that draws us always forward. This is our endless search for meaning in life ~ to return to that from which we came is the fulfillment of life.
Our existence seems to be a desire to return to the knowing of our oneness of the Divine Energy that permeates all existence. Return to the oneness from which we were birthed. Return once again to the One from which we were made manifest. Return to Eden’s Garden.