This morning I turn again to the first Unity book I read. The book was “The Complete Works of H. Emilie Cady”. It was highlighted, underlined, pages folded, and cover curled. It is a book I return to time and time again. When I first discovered this treasure, there were ideas presented that were very new to me, yet they resonated deeply with my soul. I recall not being 100% sure what some things really meant as well as feeling an inner knowing of their truth. Keeping in mind that Emilie Cady lived from 1848-1941 her language felt a little old fashioned from time to time. When I move through the dated terminology, there is a wealth of wisdom that continues to inspire me throughout the years.

One of the concepts that Cady wrote about is the idea of chemicalization. This is an experience that we may have as we embody new truth. Emilie Cady explains what happens:
There has been a clash between the old conditions – which may be based in falsehood and fear –
and the new thought of Truth entering you. The old is kicking vigorously against the Truth.

Sometimes this inner conflict rises from the ideas that we hold concretely in our beliefs. Those are ideas that we are firmly attached to.

The chemicalization that happens within us is the same as the reaction when we are experimenting by pouring two elements together such as soda and cider (something acidic). There is agitation that takes place until one neutralizes the other and something better comes forth as a result.

For me, after a lifetime of being taught and reinforced over and over again that I was a sinner, in need God’s forgiveness of my sins and redemption, it did take a while for a new thought based in Unity Principles to find its comfortable place in my belief system and to settle within me. The idea of the Unity principle:
I am born with the essence of divinity within me, the Christ spirit, therefore I am inherently good.

While the idea that I was a sinner didn’t have a place in my heart of hearts, it felt blasphemous to say anything that contradicted this long held idea. As I spent more time deeply learning and practicing these Unity principles, I saw and lived their benefits.
While I still have a human aspect and respond from this humanness, I fully and completely know with everything within me that my true essence is of goodness. I am, you are, every one of us is divinely made in the image of our creator.
There are many things that may cause this chemicalization when we are in the midst of the internal processing of spiritual ideas that are new to us or different from those we have long held. Emilie Cady suggests this affirmation to see us through the process of chemicalization:

There is nothing to fear, absolutely nothing to fear.
Perfect Love reigns and all is good. Peace be still.

She goes on to assure us that in a short time, the new Truth thought will neutralize the old or fear based thought and we will find ourselves in higher spiritual awareness. We will be confident and comfortable having integrated Truth.
If you’re like me, these new Truth ideas have liberated you from the confinement of lack, limitation, fear, and unworthiness. These new Truth ideas have raised my thinking to an awareness of abundance, love, acceptance, and inner peace. Admittedly, I have many opportunities to practice these Unity principles and spiritual laws. Sometimes I fall short of living them in my daily life in the human existence. With each experience, I gain deeper understanding and grow ever more confident to live from the God within.

Sunday we will visit again Women in the Bible as we talk about Ruth. Will you join me at 11:00? I’m saving a seat for you!

Blessings of Love and joy,