Monday I indulged in eclipse watching as many of you may have also. Even from the vantage point of Dallas, Texas it was an amazing sight. The earth, sun and moon aligned and created a dramatic effect in the afternoon sky. How amazing it seems to witness the galactic movement.

I watched the live feed of NASA coverage of the eclipse and as the total eclipse of the sun occurred over Kentucky, newscasters fell in silent awe. They called it an “amazing spectacle” each admitting to being “covered in goosebumps” as they watched the sun become obscured. Grown adults claimed the “wonder of it all” and stood in silent reverence of nature.

I too, was wowed by the sight when I looked through the eclipse glasses. A great “Oh, my!” flew out of my mouth as I stood with others watching firsthand this solar eclipse.

As I sat and recounted the feelings of bearing witness to this experience of the solar eclipse, I realized this is simply the divine movement of the universe. This is the galactic movement simply doing what the universe does! Indeed it was a spectacular show for us earthlings. The sun, the moon and the earth are shining brightly or spinning on their axis and revolving as only they can do. The planets and stars are only doing and being what the stars and planets can do and be.

Some shared thoughts that they felt as small as a grain of sand in the whole scheme of life. Just how significant is a single grain of sand? Alone, a single grain seems so insignificant, yet consider what a collection of grains of sand become. A grain of sand or a solar eclipse, each hold wonder and great purpose in being all that they are.

Although we may feel small and insignificant when we consider the wonder of the galaxies, we might pause in humble recognition of the unknown and the endlessness of creation. We may consider that even in the vastness of creation, we too are here, right now, on purpose. We are part of this magnificent humanity. We are living upon this planet earth and we are part of this single amazing galaxy, which is part of the endlessness of space and time.

As I sit with this thought I am guided back to the space I occupy and I am compelled to ask, “What have I contributed to this space thus far today and what shall I contribute in the upcoming moments, hours, days and years of my life?” Rather than feeling small and insignificant, I recognize how important it is for all creation to do and be what they (it) is created to do. When we fulfill our purpose, we are making our own unique contribution to life. It is pivotal to the direction of humanity that each of us awaken each day, not only our physical bodies but our consciousness also. It is important for each of us to remain conscious and awake, to put into the cosmos our best at any given moment.

Be it as small as a single grain of sand or as impressive as a solar eclipse on a sunny afternoon, we are all a significant part of creation.
Sunday, Evin Wilkins, Youth & Family Director will present the lesson “Let Peace Begin With Me”. Join us at 9:30 for Metaphysical Bible Class and 11:00 for Celebration Service. It is never the same without you!

Peace to you,