Giving and Receiving

In Myrtle Fillmore’s Healing Letters I read these words:
"God gives freely, it is for us to keep the receiving channels open, to keep
attuned to the realities so that our intellect doesn’t take us out among the
limited ideas of the world".

What an insightful reminder that the world is not my source. Whatever I decide I need isn’t provided by the world. God is my source. God is the essence of all that I need and all that I desire. Yes, of course the world contains the manifestation of the food I wish to eat, household supplies I desire and the clothes and shoes I enjoy waring. The ideas of the world are limited to the thinking of humankind. The ideas of Spirit have no bounds.

During our recent Absolute Abundance class, I was again reminded that I limit my financial abundance by thinking that the check Unity so graciously provides me is the source of my financial abundance. This paycheck and any outside ceremonies that I officiate are the physical manifestation of Source expressing as the monies to support my life. While it is true that this is an expression of Source, it is a very limited part of my life’s abundance. It is limited by the budget of our spiritual community, by the societal values of ministry and other values. God has no limits. If I truly desire financial abundance, I shall set my sights higher than this human realm and open the treasure trove of good that is the storehouse of Divine Substance.

This quote also reminds me that the goodness of God is always flowing. I may open or close the channel depending upon my state of mind, yet the flow of substance is endless. When I am living from awareness of who I truly am, I open the channel and fully receive all that is showering though the universe. I am poised to receive all the good that “God gives freely”. I am reminded of the scripture from Luke chapter 12. After telling a crowd of their great value beyond the riches of money and objects, Jesus speaks these words: “Don’t worry little flock, it is the Father’s good pleasure to give you the kingdom”. As I sit, an image of the riches of God’s kingdom, the fullness of life that is possible, the completeness of the whole of self, comes to my mind. I am in awe of the endless substance available to me and to you when we “keep the receiving channels open.”

I believe that in addition to remaining open and receptive to the flow of energy of the universe, each time I give, I create space to receive. When I give of kindness and compassion toward others, I receive kindness and compassion. When I give love from my heart, I open my heart to receive more love. When I give of my financial abundance, I make room for more. This is the flow of substance, in and out.
This is the spiritual law of giving and receiving that balances life. To keep this balance of substance, energy must have both an inflow and an outflow. Our breath is a clear and simple example of this law. In order to sustain life, we must breathe in and breathe out. Neither the in breath or the out breath will singularly sustain life. Together they create a perfect flow and balance of life. With each in breath we take in much needed oxygen that participates in processes that I can’t begin to explain. With each out breath we eliminate the waste of these processes.

If I am clenched tightly in a non-giving fashion, my life will become stagnate and stale. I will swiftly lose the vitality and joy that living in the flow of substance brings to life. If I remain open and allow the life energy to flow, I remain vibrate, awake, and alert to recognize the good and the abundance of life.

Sunday we will continue with stories of life with “Let Your Life Speak”. Please join me to explore what our life says in the world. I wonder if what I think my life says is at all what the world hears. Join us at 9:30 for Metaphysical Bible Study and 11:00 for the Celebration Service.

PS – Today is a great day to register for the upcoming Meditation Retreat. Please be sure children register also so we can be well prepared.

Blessings of great abundance,
Rev. Karen