I am grateful

As Divine Order would have it, Sunday we continue “Keys to the Kingdom” by David Owen Ritz. This week’s key is “Count your Blessings.” When I count my blessings, you are among the top! How fortunate that we have found each other. How fortunate we have found these Truth principles that draw us together in consciousness and in life. How fortunate we are to come together in times of joyous celebration and in times of sadness or mourning. We come together for it all because all of this is the lush and complete spectrum of life lived fully. I am grateful for Unity on Greenville and each person who enters.

As I sit, still basking in the profound expression of love, acceptance and celebration that was overflowing Sunday past, I find gratitude to be an easy feeling to identify. As I enumerate and savor the blessings of each day, I do so with the words of Karen Drucker’s song “I’m so Grateful” as the background to my reminiscing.

Gratitude before me. Gratitude behind me.
Gratitude to the left of me. Gratitude to the right of me.
Gratitude above me. Gratitude below me.
Gratitude within me. Gratitude all around me.
I’m so grateful,
I’m so grateful,
I’m so grateful,
I’m so grateful.

As I chant these words, I feel gratitude expand within and all around me. As the vibration of gratitude fills me and overflows to all that surrounds me as I move through this day, an interesting phenomenon happens. The more I express gratitude, the more I find gratefulness. As I appreciate and express gratitude for the air I breathe, I breathe a little easier, I notice the air filling my lungs and I exhale gratitude. Not only is my being now immersed in the feeling of gratitude, I am pouring gratitude into my world.

I go about my tasks of each day with a great sense of appreciation. I rise to the challenges of social change with a sense of gratitude for the inspiration to be the change, to peacefully, prayerfully, and lovingly be a cause for the changes I wish to see in my world.

I anticipate future moments with a feeling of gratitude for what is yet to be. I wrap the past in gratitude, thus allowing the past to enrich my present. Looking to my left or my right I see much to be grateful for because I look around and see possibility. I look to Father Sky and Mother Earth and can only feel grateful for the feeling of grounding as I walk through my world doing all that is mine to do. As I look into the morning sky and watch the sun climb over the horizon, I feel immense gratitude. As I count the stars the peek through the night sky, I sit in wondrous awe and gratitude for the expansiveness of the universe. Gratitude is all around me!
I am indeed so very grateful.

Please join me Sunday for our Celebration Service at 11:00 am. We will share spiritual communion immediately after the service. Make it a Unity day and join Ben Garcia at 5 pm for Weekend Reboot – Mindfulness in Action!