I Am the Universe

The focusing thought for today’s Deepak Chopra meditation is “Abundance surrounds me”. The mantra suggested for this meditation is “Aham Brahamsmi” in Sanskrit which translates to “I Am the universe”.
Repeating this mantra while holding the thought of abundance suddenly bolsters the energy of my entire being. I almost feel myself grow and expand. I move in the vibration of knowing that there is only unending abundance in the universe. Holding the mantra “I am the universe” I too am unlimited abundance. I repeat this mantra again and yet again. I am the universe, I unlimited abundance.

I rest in knowing that as I breathe I sit in the confidence that there is an abundance of air to breathe in and to breathe out. There is no fear in the breath. As I affirm love, and open my heart and mind, I know that too, that there is an unending abundance of love, of kindness, of compassion. Even in moments that the world may appear to lack each of these qualities, in Truth, there is only abundance. With this thought firmly fixed in my mind I freely share all of the treasures of the universe. By doing so, I serve as a reminder to others that they too “are the universe” and surrounded by unlimited potential.

The funny thing about potential is that it is there, unmoving until we reach up and partake of this substance --- this invisible energy of possibility. It seems mysterious and magical all at the same time. In every moment there exists the potential for happiness, kindness, love or not. Whatever I take from the substance of potential is mine for the choosing. If at any time I would like to choose again, or choose differently, I simply let go, reach out once again and take again. This is the beauty of the incomprehensible , indescribable, limitless universe!

There is a natural flow to substance just as there is natural flow to life. For the universe to flow, there is to be an inlet and an outlet. In giving of our time, in giving of our treasure, and in sharing of our abilities and talents, we are ensuring that the universal flow continues. Taking in from substance and pouring out backing to universe is our contribution to the collective consciousness. I share the divine of myself with the divine of all others.

With this sharing, I infuse the universe and insure that the unlimited abundance flows into and out of my life and into my world. With this as a conscious practice, I honor the oneness that you and I, and all of creation is. With this, I ensure that any ideas of lack, separation, doubt or fear are washed away with love, kindness, forgiveness, and compassion. With this I hold in my heart the same desire of good for everyone that I hold for myself.

As we conclude our brief time with The Twelve Powers, I am once again reminded that you and are not only possess these gifts, these qualities of Strength, Faith, Love, Imagination, Dominion, Life, Elimination, Discernment, Understanding Will, Zeal, and Order. Rather, we are these qualities. I am reminded that Rev. Linda Martella-Whitsett says “These abilities exist as potential until we recognize them, activate them, and develop them”.

I am also reminded of Marianne Williamson’s words: “we are powerful beyond measure”.

Sunday, we conclude The Twelve Powers with the Power of Faith. Be ready to be inspired by the spiritual practice of The Chickasaw Nation. The service begins at 10:30 and we will enjoy lunch on the lawn after the service. This Sunday’s lunch is hosted by our Youth and Teens! I don’t want to miss a moment!
Blessings and Power to you,