I give thanks

On this day, the day before Thanksgiving, I am compelled to give thanks for you. I give thanks for each person who is part of our Unity spiritual community. I give thanks for the way you bring yourself to this community. I give thanks for the way you accept others just as they are while holding the light for their continued spiritual evolution. By doing so each person in our spiritual community is honored and supported to be their best possible expression of the Divine. I am grateful for the way you unabashedly love each other and me. I have felt your love on the easy breezy days when all is moving happily along. More importantly, I have felt the depth of your love when challenges arise. As we adjusted ourselves this year to new understandings of how we shall be in community and as we adjust and shift so that we are always good stewards of the community finances, your love and support was palpable.

I am grateful for those who serve on the Board of Trustees. L.D., Josi, Al, Mark, Sarah, and Lauren, I serve with you and in awe of your steadfast commitment to moving Unity on Greenville forward in principles and in Truth. I am grateful for your willingness to have open, honest dialogue about everything that comes to the board. Your spiritual maturity sets a strong foundation and example of living the Christ essence within you.

I am grateful for the Spiritual Care Team that holds the high watch and sacred space for our spiritual community. You have been called to serve through the power of prayer and you have said “Yes!” I continue to be inspired by your willingness to grow your prayer practice and your presence with others in the holy encounters of prayer. I have witnessed you praying with and for each other and my heart is filled to overflowing. I have witnessed you pray with others during their dark nights of the soul and through their joys and celebrations. You are extraordinary.
We are community by volunteers and you who volunteer your time, your talents, and your treasure make us all that we are. Your presence creates who we are becoming. As think of all that you share in community with others at Unity on Greenville, I feel great joy and gratitude.

I am grateful for each person who has come to Unity on Greenville to be the teachers, the students, the ministers, and the musicians. Those who have entered our space before us established the way. We now prepare the way for those who follow us. Each who enter brings their divine essence and contribute to that which makes us whole.
I am exceedingly grateful for Unity Principles that guide our way. I am grateful for spiritual laws that rule beyond any human laws. I am so very grateful for the God that is the creator and sustainer of all that is. This is truly the reason we gather, the reason we are, and the reason we continue to be Unity on Greenville.

In this time that we dedicate to observing Thanksgiving and every day I thank you. Because you are you, I have become me. Again, I say to you, Unity on Greenville “I am grateful for you!”
Meister Eckhart said “If the only prayer you ever said in your entire life is thank you, it would be enough.
So it is with my heart opened wide I say “thank you.”

Sunday we will gather, with full bellies, to share “The Thanksgiving that Was”. Please join me at 11:00 because it truly isn’t the same without you! Plan to stay a little while after the celebration service to help decorate for Christmas.

With joy and thanksgiving,
Rev. Karen