A Rose by any other name.

During a recent visit with the women of Unity to a local holistic shop, I sighted a shelf lined with enormous glass jars holding a variety of sage products. Sandwiched between the jar of white sage and the jar of blue sage was another jar which held several round dried balls. I selected my sage and with great curiosity I also chose a round dried ball to purchase. I wondered what scent would fill my home when I burned this mystery item in my meditation room. As I was paying for my purchase, someone asked what the round ball was. The sales staff quickly answered and added instructions for how it should be cared for. I listened intently as I learned about my new acquisition. Much to my surprise, I had just purchased a Rose of Jericho! I immediately knew that I should not go home and burn this ball to clear the energy of my home. I had just purchased a living breathing plant!

“Oh my!” was my first thought. Then I quietly chuckled at myself for assuming I knew what I was purchasing in the first place. I was so very grateful that the sales staff enlightened me and that I didn’t unknowingly go home and burn this fascinating plant.

Arriving home, I took a bit of time to learn more about this Rose of Jericho. I learned that it isn’t a rose at all. When it blossoms, it produces minute white flowers I followed the internet instructions of placing this ball into a bowl of water. I used spring water, not tap water. I waited. Within moments the ball began to open and within hours it was fully opened revealing lovely green fern like leaves. Interestingly, this plant is a moss and lives happily in the desert. In the absence of water, it curls into a ball and tumbles around the desert until water arrives. It then opens again revealing its green leaves. Is it any wonder this plant is also called the Resurrection Plant?

I am fascinated at this plant’s ability to adapt and live in harmony with its surroundings. The innate ability of this moss to morph according to the environment is impressive. The Rose of Jericho is as much alive curled in a dried ball as when it is open and showing its green leaves for the world to see. It’s amazing ability to transform is impressive.

We too have the power within us to adapt and transform along the journey of our lives. We do not fret and worry about how it will all work out, or what will happen through each life experience. Perhaps the Rose of Jericho offers us an example of another way to navigate life. We too might curl into ourselves. When we desire to deepen our awareness of our intimate connection with the Divine, we go within. When we seek the guidance of the Spirit that is holy, we find it in our inner sanctum. When we desire to tap the inner wisdom and unfailing guidance of the still small voice, we find these things by turning within. Engaged and enlivened and once again, fully charged with the light of our oneness, we emerge once more into the human world to carry out our purpose and our passion. We move again with great strength of faith. I recall the inspiration of Charles Fillmore, who at the age of 93 spoke these words “I fairly sizzle with zeal and enthusiasm and spring forth with a mighty faith to do the things that ought to be done by me!”

I take to heart the beauty of these words from Ecclesiastes 3:1 “For everything there is a season, and a time for every purpose under heaven.” In my season of inward searching and seeking, I find.