sitting with my feelings

Late in October I woke from two days of deep sleep followed by short naps. These days of sleep and naps were induced by the flu! I recalled the week prior thinking that I would like to take two days off. I thought I would enjoy time to sit and breathe or catch up on a couple of projects. Perhaps I might even read a novel. Well, the universe complied with the days off. The projects remain undone, I slept more in two days than I typically sleep in a week’s time. There are no fewer books on my to read pile.

I began to catch up on local, national and world-wide news. I marvel that as I sit sipping my evening tea with Luna curled up next to me, I read of those who are celebrating birthdays and those who are leaving this earthly realm. There are those who were shocked and those who were unmoved by the tumultuous movement of the stock market. At this very moment across the globe there are a myriad of emotions and feelings rolling into people’s awareness and drifting out again.

Sitting with the vast array of feelings that flow through me in the course of a single day, I am reminded of Mark Nepo’s words in “The Endless Practice”. “The universe cannot sustain a feeling forever. Our feelings move and shift along the spectrum of highs and lows, ups and downs.”

I for one call upon my faith and wisdom when moments and feelings of disappointment, doubt or fear set in. I have noticed that when I allow the feeling to flow, rather than resist the feeling, there is much to gain. In the moments that I sit and allow the feeling and become present to it, I ask what this feeling would like to share with me. These are the moments that I grow and learn through experiences.

I have noticed that there is great wisdom to be garnered from each and every feeling I have. I simply need to courageously inquire, listen to hear, and follow the divine inspiration that is revealed. By accessing the wisdom of the Divine through the feelings within me, I invite my highest wisdom to be revealed. I try to imagine what my life would be like if I succeeded in this endeavor with every thought and feeling. With this vision in my mind, I am motivated to set the intention each day to live connected with my body. I inquire and deeply listen to the vibrational energy of the feelings I have.

In those times that I feel lack, I have learned that there are long held generational beliefs in my family that “If I work hard, I might earn enough to pay the bills”. Well! That is lack consciousness at its finest. There is barely a morsel of abundance in simply being able to pay the bills. I understand that paying the bills is very important and I am exceedingly grateful that I am able to do so each month. AND, there is much more opulence in a life of abundance. I am not living this life to merely get by, I am living so that I may share of my financial abundance with others. Treating a friend to a cup of tea, or a pleasant meal, you get the picture. By being present to the feeling of lack, in time I begin to remember that within me is the truth that abundance is my very existence.
I practice being present to each feeling that rises, patiently moving in Truth, and growing in faith and wisdom.
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Abundant blessings,
Rev. Karen