A Walk on Monday

I woke on Monday morning a little earlier than usual so I indulged in a longer time of meditation before my morning walk with Micah. With an abundance of gratitude in my heart, off we went in the still dark morning. Clouds covered the sunrise this day and I was immediately reminded of those who are living with the impact Hurricane Harvey. Living in Florida for over thirty years I clearly remember, all too well, the preparation, the living through, and the aftermath of many hurricanes.

In Dallas this Monday morning, many of our young ones woke for their first day back to school. As Micah and I made our way through the neighborhood, we saw brother and sister dressed in their school uniforms running to the car so not to be late, not this day, the first day. We made our way past W.H. Gaston Middle School where staff was arriving to begin a new school year. “Thanks for taking great care of our children.” Called out. A middle aged man replied on behalf of the group “Will do, you have a good day too.”

Micah and I walked on and soon he paused at the fence of a neighborhood home to see if the horse was up and out this morning. Disappointed that he didn’t see his horse pal rolling in the yard, Micah trudged onward. “Enjoy your first day back to school!” I offered as encouragement to the young one laden with his back pack. His hand went up in acknowledgment of my greeting yet his head remained bowed to the sidewalk. I wonder what thoughts and feelings were tumbling around in him this morning.

As we made our way around the corner and almost home, I spot a young mother helping her little one onto the bus for her first day of first grade. “Bye Jess, I love you” I can hear her voice tremble. I remember this sweet mom walking her little one, Jess, around the block each evening when she was a newborn. I offer this sweet mama my best words of encouragement and support as she scoops up her toddler who has scampered out the front door to join the early morning excitement.

As I sit in the quiet of my back yard, I think of the juxtaposition of tragedy and joyful milestones, of sadness and happiness, of endings and beginnings that is all around us. I recall the words of Mark Nepo in “The Endless Practice”: "The truth is my suffering doesn’t have to be out of view for you to be happy, and you don’t have to quiet your grief for me to be peaceful. Allowing our suffering
and happiness to touch each other opens a depth of compassion that helps us complete each other. There are things to be done in the face of suffering. We can share bread and water and shelter in the storm. But when we arrive at what suffering does to us, there is only compassion – the genuine, tender ways we can be with those who suffer".

We feel our joyful moments and our gratitude and we act compassionately with those who are suffering in our own state of Texas. I lift up a prayer for everyone. Our Unity fifth principle now calls me to move beyond prayer and into action. There is now opportunity to bring items to Unity and we will be sure everything delivered to those in need. As recovery begins, there may be opportunity to travel to the area and offer hands on support. If you have information to share about particular needs of families or friends, please let the office know (214-826-5683) and we will spread the word.

This Sunday, I am happy to be back at Unity with the lesson “What are you?” Please join us at 9:30 for the Metaphysical Bible Study and the Celebration Service at 11:00

I send much love to all,