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Calm after the storm

What a powerful storm front we experienced Sunday! Let us all take a moment in the coming days to pray for the family of the person whose life is a casualty of this rugged, unyielding storm. Let us also remember in our prayers those who are injured. May peace be in the hearts of all. May they know they are one with us and we share their sadness.


The energy of excitement filled me as I prepared for Unity on Greenville’s recent Sacred Silence Retreat. I moved about with great anticipation for another day of community shared silence. You see, being in silence is one of my favorite experiences. Touching the depth of silence within and communing with Divine Wisdom only causes me to yearn for more. I imagined gathering together, partaking in lovingly prepared foods that would nourish our bodies as we stepped out of the cacophony of sound and into the silence of our souls.

In Our Time

For the third day I woke with a vision in my mind and a name on my heart. The face I saw as I woke was that of a dark-skinned woman. Her makeup was meticulous and her hair perfectly coiffed. A delicate smile drew the corner of her mouth ever so slightly upward. Her nails were impeccably manicured. She looked deeply into the camera that captured her image. This was the face I saw. It was the face of Muhlaysia Booker.

Monring Inspiration

Nothing calls me to life more than an early morning breakfast in my back yard on a beautiful spring morning. After watching the sun emerge through the trees, ushering in a new day, I slip into the depth of the silence. Micah, my devoted golden retriever, sits to my right. He too sits in silence until he is teased away by the sight of a squirrel. The birds seem to awaken the entire earth with their revelry. The breeze blows through the trees swaying them to and fro as it gently brushes my cheeks.

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