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Pruning and trimming

The sun rises over the horizon once again, bringing the world into the focus of daylight. My walking companion Micha and I begin our morning with a briskly paced walk. The debris of last months strait line wind and rain storm lingers along our path. The leaves from the countless fallen limbs have long become brown and brittle. The large limbs that have fallen and the many trees that were uprooted have been systematically cut into smaller, more manageable sizes, revealing the rings of their age.

Take a seat

I’ve been challenged to sit and come to just the right way to begin this message today. This is a phenomenon that I haven’t experienced since I began writing enews messages in 2013. I suppose I am due for a bit of stumbling to begin, yet it does startle me just a little.

A seaon for everything

The final glimmers of light cast shadows across the landscape of this day as I sit in the silence. I have just returned from South Carolina where I enjoyed a week of family time. The Florida family also joined in the family fun. As you might imagine a house with five adults, three children, two dogs, and a cat was anything but silent. Even though I rose early each morning, there was minimal time for silence! There was a hum of activity and chatter each moment of the day and I couldn’t be more delighted or grateful for the noise and confusion!

Shake up some love

As I close my morning time of prayer I take pen to paper to write these words. I sit in the silence of communion and I feel the Mighty Presence within my being. The vibration of my body quickens and I become acutely aware of a greater aspect of life that expands the boundaries of my thinking beyond what I see, what I touch, the aromas and the tastes. Beyond the senses of this human experience is something more expansive and yet these words fall short of describing the inner world of the “secret place of the most high”.

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