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Human and Spirutal

Various religious denominations have captured news headlines with revelations of misconduct, abuse and disagreement within the organizations. In the wake of these news headlines, I find my thoughts gravitating to why Unity is important to me and what I expect from faith leaders. Indeed, I expect myself and other faith leaders to live what we teach, to live by the sacred texts and to practice the life we suggest others live.

Lent begins

It is almost impossible for me to imagine that today is the first day of Lent. To be honest, it has caught me by such surprise that I haven’t considered what my Lenten practice will be this year. Considering my New Year’s resolution didn’t last beyond January first, I am feeling a bit hesitant as I discern my commitment for the season of Lent. I inquire during my morning meditation, what behavior, what belief, what thought is desiring and ready to be released from my life so something greater can fill the space? What would I like to become new again in my personal practice?

Meeting Shahid

I pause today to remember just how it came to be that I met Shahid. It was a spring afternoon in 2014. As I was planning a series of talks on “Practice your Religious Freedom” for the month of July. I realized I had no friends to call on from the Muslim community. There was no better time than that very moment to change this and to make friend with our Muslim brothers and sisters. As I researched local mosque (masjid) I discovered the Mesquite Islamic Center (MIC). Shahid was my contact and together we planned an educational experience for Unity on Greenville.

Through the fog

The fog lay so low that it danced between the blades of grass and covered the winter lettuce with a thick layer of moisture. The dark bare limbs of trees appeared faded in the dense fog. It was a mysterious sight. Seeing clearly wasn’t even a consideration as I gazed out the window to this morning’s scene. I know the landscape well yet, on this morning it seemed obscure beneath the veil of morning fog.

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