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My Shield

My reading today from Fragments of Your Ancient Name by Joyce Rupp is this:
My Shield
You defend me vigorously
From my strong enemies
And that includes myself.
Those brooding parts of me
That come charging fiercely
With weapons of aggression
You are my strong defense
Against what tries to lure me
Away from your loving heart
Away from my genuine self.

There is enough love

Numerous people shared their thoughts and feelings about the meditation and song presented during our contemplative time Sunday. As a reminder, it was a combination of guided meditation and the amazing song “Can’t Stop Love” by our dear friend Washuntara. Since this meditation resonated with many and love is one of my favorite topics to talk about, let’s continue.

Pruning and trimming

The sun rises over the horizon once again, bringing the world into the focus of daylight. My walking companion Micha and I begin our morning with a briskly paced walk. The debris of last months strait line wind and rain storm lingers along our path. The leaves from the countless fallen limbs have long become brown and brittle. The large limbs that have fallen and the many trees that were uprooted have been systematically cut into smaller, more manageable sizes, revealing the rings of their age.

Take a seat

I’ve been challenged to sit and come to just the right way to begin this message today. This is a phenomenon that I haven’t experienced since I began writing enews messages in 2013. I suppose I am due for a bit of stumbling to begin, yet it does startle me just a little.

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