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light drives out darkness

I know that our days are growing longer as the earth moves past the winter solstice, yet it can’t happen quickly enough for this impatient one. I cherish the daylight and all the wonder of what is possible when light shines upon the earth. What adventures may I engage in the light of morning that stretches into long hours in the evening? Intellectually, I understand the need for darkness, hibernation and rest. Yet, the sunlight of long summer days feeds my soul. I feel fully alive and engaged with creation when the earth is brightly lit by the golden rays of the sun.

welcome 2019

Welcome to 2019! As we begin a new year together as a spiritual community, I hold sacred space for you. I hold you in a light so clear that allows you to see yourself as the perfect creation of the Divine and to live from that vision. I pray that every day you are called to remember that all that God is, you are.

May you be...

It's morning the day after Christmas. The tinsel remains, and the Christmas lights are all aglow at least for a few more days. Fancy wrapping paper and beautiful ribbons that were once strewn across the floor in excitement to uncover the treasures beneath, is now recycled. Gifts that were shared on Christmas morning are tucked away or lovingly placed int the “to be returned” pile.

joy of advent

I return from my time of silence. Inspiration is born as an idea within me. It pours itself into the world from the end of my pen as it meets the pages below it. At this moment, I am aware of what is being written. As the moment evaporates, my awareness loosens its hold on the here and now and I often look away as the letters fall from the pen forming words that make sentences that grow into thoughts. Thoughts grow of the Divine and all that is born of this Presence in my life, in my heart and in my mind.

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