Family Dream Sharing

 This is a fun, introductory workshop on how to cultivate the practice of Dream Sharing as a Family and the benefits of doing so. This workshop is open to parents, grandparents, and children from ages 3 and up. Together we will gather with blankets and favorite night time animal friends to have a morning of storytelling, dream sharing, and creative expression. 
Dream sharing as a family has many benefits for all involved; 

  • Cultivates deep listening skills, respectful dialogue and trust between family members.
  • Develops oral storytelling skills.
  • Dream journaling can encourage strong writing skills.
  • The creative gifts of dream exploration can include acting, dancing, singing, drawing, get the picture.
  • Tools to approach scary dreams & repetitive nightmares.
  • A way to bring your brightest dreams into the world!

Cost: $25.00 per family, ages 3 and up, Grandparents welcome!
Includes a light lunch served afterward generously provided by Unity on Greenville!

Purchase tickets at Unity on Greenville Bookstore or

Location: Unity Church on Greenville  
3425 Greenville
Dallas, Texas 75206
(We will be in the upstairs gathering room)
Parking is available on any side street near the church.

Facilitated by: Valley Reed - Certified Active Dream Teacher.
When I became a mother years ago, I felt strongly that one of the most enduring ways I could support my children is by honoring their dreams and imagination and offering them access to them through cultivating a practice of Family Dream Sharing. I understood the importance dreams played in my own life, and so we made sure to share dreams over breakfast each morning from the time they were able to talk. This practice has offered immense blessings and benefits for me and my children. Family Dream Sharing Workshops are one of my favorite offerings to teach and I am excited to share this with you and your family!

Bring: Dreams to share, a dream journal if you have one, a blanket and pillows to lay on, and a lovey stuffed animal friend, superhero or monster truck. Whatever your child sleeps with at night, that makes them feel safe and protected, or if they no longer do, bring a toy or something that sparks their heroic imagination.

Please RSVP by April 1st, so we can plan for the workshop and lunch provided afterward. You can do so on Facebook or contact Valley for more information.