Rhonda Jones bio


I have been a Certified Health Coach for two years.  I work with clients to help them achieve optimum health through diet and lifestyle changes.  When I was introduced to Bemer almost two years ago, I knew this was something that I wanted to include in my practice as it offers a wonderful therapy to go along with diet and lifestyle changes and can help my clients reach their health goals. 

I think the best way to reach good health is through a great diet, exercise, meditation and use of the Bemer and these are all practices that I help clients achieve.  I love working with people and am so thrilled when they get healthy and happy.  I am really excited to be able to introduce more people through the Bemer at Unity Greenville. 

More about the science of Bemer

The Challenge for cardiac functions

Day to day life in our manic, civilised world represents an enormous challenge to our metabolism.
Schedules bursting at the seams, city life without room for serenity, the constant worry of balancing the different aspects of our lives are a main cause of our ever-growing mental and physical discomfort.

Needless to say, the more efficiently your metabolism performs, the lower the risk of overtaxing your system.

The circulation of our blood is the engine that keeps us going.

The heart pumps blood through the main arteries, but it relies on the additional power of the autonomous pumping motion of the microvessels.
It is these very small vessels that reach the most remote parts of our body.

Without this microvessel track driving, most of our cells would be denied the nutrients required to function. They would drown in their own waste without the blood flow to cleanse them. This is fundamental for all metabolic processes.

By these, our circulatory system also distributes hormones, immune cells, and other signaling molecules. And this is where BEMER devices come into play.
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