Rock Star Workshop Mallett


Rock Star Workshop
by Colleen Hughes Mallette,
Comedic Soprano & Author of The Next Act:
A Handbook on Graduating From Arts or Life
March 3rd 2019    1:30pm - 3:30pm

"Here's what comes to mind as I prepare. My invitation is:
Would you just be still for this moment and imagine if this were true? Suspend all judgement. No matter how far fetched--play this make believe with me.

Now close your eyes after your read these questions.

  • What if you were for certain that you were absolutely blameless?
  • What if you knew in every cell in every fiber that you were unconditionally loved and had nothing to prove?
  • What if your body was totally acceptable to you--without one thought of needing to change it in any way?
  • What if you live in a world where when you woke up in the morning you were worried about nothing and felt no fear?
  • What if you felt no need to prove anything to anyone or had a need to make up for a perceived failure or loss?

Hold that feeling as long as you can--allow it to prepare you for positive change and I will see you next Sunday! Do it every day for five minutes--more if you can."

Schedule of Events:
~ 11:00:  Rev. Karen Romestan rocks a lesson from The Next Act!
~ 12:00 Book Signing with Colleen (books available for purchase - partial proceeds go to Unity).
~ 12:30 Pot Luck Luncheon - all are welcome!
~ 1:30 -3:30 ROCK STAR BREAK THROUGHS Workshop with Colleen (Fee $35 here on or $20 with purchase of book)
What to Expect at Rock Star Workshop. . .
  • Rocking Music Fun and Body Work
  • Choosing Your Rock Star Persona Ice Breaker
  • Journaling (journals provided)
  • Meditation for Jupiter Thru the Chakras
  • At the close: A Personalized Message for Each Participant
For More Information, Contact: Unity on Greenville 
For Workshop Information contact: