Sunday Lesson Highlights

Lesson Highlights


Harry Potter!


Our youth are currently enjoying a Harry Potter-based curriculum.  

Harry Potter is a young boy who has traveled a difficult road.  When he is ten years old he discovers he is a wizard and that he possesses amazing skills and is filled with magic.  His story is a wonderful spiritual journey that we can all identify with.  As we follow his adventures we discover that the stories reflect our own spiritual journey and point us to a higher use of our own powers.  The curriculum uses a variety of stories from the first four Harry Potter DVDs and is designed to assist the students in tapping into the "magic" that exists within them.


Each week, the room is filled with magic as our youth discover their own spiritual magic!  





Parents, if your children are these ages, we need you to sign them in and out each Sunday.

Thank you for helping keep our children safe!


If you have questions about any of our programs or events, please contact our

Youth Director, Evin Wilkins, or call 214-826-5683