Sunday Services


9:30 am

Metaphysical Bible Study

In the Frank & Margaret Pounders Upper Room

Parking at Unity on Greenville

For Sunday Celebration Service, you may park on McCommas, Morningside, Martell, Mercedes, and Penrose. Blue Fish lot parking is prohibited at all times.
Weekdays and evenings:
You may park along the street on McCommas, Morningside, Martell, Mercedes, and Penrose on Sundays and for events before 9 pm Fridays and Saturdays within 1 block of Unity on Greenville.
After 9 pm on Fridays and Saturdays, park more than 1 block without "No Parking" signs along the same streets mentioned above.. Blue Fish lot parking is prohibited at all times.

11:00 am

Celebration Service

Come celebrate life with us!

Lessons with Rev. Karen Romestan

  • August 25th    Love Changes Everything   Guest Speaker Victoria Valles
  • September 1      When the Silence Speaks   Rev. Karen Romestan                                            

Classes, Prayer and Sunday Services at Unity on Greenville

Unity on Greenville supports you on your journey of spiritual growth--from our Sunday Worship and Celebration Services to a growing variety of classes, study groups, and workshops.

Perhaps the most exciting part of your participation in Unity events is the improvement in the quality of your life on a daily basis. 

Application of Unity teachings creates a life that is happier, healthier, more centered, and more productive.



  Classes. Some of the topics covered in classes and workshops offered at Unity on Greenville  typically include:

  • The metaphysics of Christianity and the Bible

  • Understanding the inter-relatedness of science, medicine, and religion

  • Applying spiritual principles to our work lives

  • The teachings of Jesus

  • Practical methods of prayer, meditation, and healing

  • Prosperity

  • Self-esteem

  • Eastern spirituality

  • Forgiveness

  • And many others

Prayer. The Unity movement was founded on prayer and our support of one another through prayer and meditation activities is integral to who we are at Unity on Greenville. Please know that we are always available to walk with you through prayer support from Reverend Karen Romestan, one of our Chaplains, or members of our congregation.

Sunday Celebration Services are filled with what has been called outrageous joy, inspiring music and a practical and energetic message. We're all about the transformation of consciousness -- one heart and one mind at a time. Including yours?