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Our Musical Director, Rachel Yvonne has released a new CD "City Streets". 

The songs are a mix of smooth jazz r&b, gospel, and pop. The messages are spiritual and positive. No sad breakup songs! 

Twelve Spiritual Powers Coloring Book

The images in this book each represent one of the 12 Spiritual Powers. Each drawing is accompanied by a page of information about the attributes of that power. 

The Power of Peace in You

Marlise Karlin

With illustrative stories, daily exercises, and a Stillness Session CD, a unique new form of meditation, this new process for higher learning will change how you see and do just about everything.

Growing Older Without Fear
Gary G. Kindley

Dr. Gary Kindley reveals the nine characteristics that are essential to thriving through all of life's changes. With a variety of coping strategies and cross-cultural viewpoints on aging, he outlines an action plan to help anyone age with grace.