Want to Stop Taking Things Personally??




DUE TO SEVERE WEATHER TONIGHT, The Workshop is  RESCHEDULED to NEXT Wednesday, April 24th 7:00pm - 8:30pm 

  • Discover the way out of taking things personally that really works
  • Make friends with your beliefs (vital partner)
  • Learn to move from victimhood to empowerment
  • Natural Awakenings Magazine article here.
SOLD OUT. The next workshop is May 14th and 21st at Unity of Dallas - Forest Lane tickets here at Eventbrite.com
About your host, Hilary Shaw:
Hilary Shaw has a 30-year history in psychology and personal change. She earned two Masters Degrees - one in Social Work, the other in Education.  
Despite years of therapy, Hilary realized she was till just as anxious and full of self-doubt as ever.  Her quest to find the most effective approach for change, for both she and her clients, took her on a journey outside the traditional therapy field.  With her experience and practical no-nonsense style, she struck gold.
After transforming herself, she is ready to inspire, teach lasting changes, and support men and women like herself. Since life continues to show her areas she could handle more gracefully, she attends workships to continue her self-improvement while learning new ways to support her clients.