Weekend Reboot 2018

1st Sunday - Drumming

Ryan Taylor will be teaching spiritual infused practices that can reset your cellular frequencies. Drumming can bring calmness and inner peace to your life. Celebrate community and life through rhythm and music


2nd Sunday - Active Dreaming

Valley Reed teaches the core practices of active dreaming and shamanic group dream journeys.

Discover ways you can become a conscious dreamer. More...

3rd Sunday - Meditation

This is a great venue for those who would like to begin meditating and for those who have a well-established practice.    A brief instruction for meditation will be provided at each gathering.
Combining walking meditation, sitting meditation, and guided meditation, we will experience the power of our group energy. More...

4th Sunday - Mindfulness

Come join us to discuss concepts and engage in mindfulness meditation. Beginners and experts in mindfulness are welcome. 

Great explanation on you tube 

https://youtu.be/vzKryaN44ss    More...