30 Days to Fearless Living

Some of the questions most frequently asked these days are: How can I see what’s happening in the world through spiritual eyes? How can I keep from fear and despair? Fear is nothing but a thought, yet it can dominate people’s lives.Consider this definition from The Revealing Word, a dictionary about the inner meaning of terms used in spiritual study: 
Fear—“Painful emotion marked by alarm; dread; disquiet” (Webster). … Fear is a paralyzer of mental action; it weakens both mind and body. Fear throws dust in our eyes and hides the mighty spiritual forces that are always with us. Blessed are those who deny ignorance and fear and arm the presence and power of Spirit.
Fear, how to overcome—Fear is cast out by perfect love. To know divine love is to be selfless, and to be selfless is to be without fear. The God-conscious person is filled with quietness and confidence.
You might ask how one becomes more God conscious. Fortunately, the question has been addressed throughout the years by a variety of New ought writers and thinkers.
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