Care for YOU!

It is often called self-care.  It is the practice of caring for the condition of our own body, mind, and spirit.  Self-care is a vitally important practice to maintain our wellbeing and to recognize our wholeness as spiritual beings living this human experience.  Self-care helps us to live from a full vessel rather than from an empty, dry well. 

I believe that the Greatest Commandment “Love God, love your neighbor as yourself” supports the concept of self-care.  When Jesus spoke the commandment to the Pharisees and the Sadducees, I believe he implied that we are to humbly love and nurture our human self so that we are filled to overflowing and equipped to love others.  We have established that all beings are our neighbors.  Now we set the intention to care well for ourselves.  We create a nourishing practice of self-care, and we live into this great commandment.  

Replenish the mind with words of affirmation and thoughts of divine truth.  In these days of social distancing, connect with others in ways that honor each person’s ideal safe practices.  If you need a hug, find someone to hug with whom you feel safe.  You may even borrow a pup or a kitten to hug or pet for much needed physical contact.

When you want or need a prayer, ask for prayer.  Call  your chaplain, call me (954-258-3456) or call Silent Unity. The Silent Unity prayer line is available 24/7365.  The number is 800 NOW-PRAY. 

Call to mind the practices that have historically given you strength.  They have sustained you in the past and they will lift you up and carry you onward now. 


            Write what is on your heart

            Open to all of your creative expressions

            Read an inspiring book

            Listen to music

            Go for a stroll and observe the beauty of nature

When you feel the need to be on purpose, consider ways you can be on purpose  while maintaining recommended safety precautions.

            Reach out to another for a phone call

            Write your legislators and tell them your point of view on issues that are important

                to you.  Thank them for their service.

            Connect with a youngster and read together by FaceTime, etc.

            Write letters to family and friends.  I know they will treasure receiving your written words.

Dig deep into your spiritual practices and allow the presence of the Divine to bring comfort to your heart and soul.  Allow reading of sacred texts to nourish and nurture your spirit.  Always remember to eat well, drink lots of water, and exercise daily.  We are in this for the long haul.  You are important to the consciousness of our world.  Take care of you.  Love yourself in all the ways you desire to show love to others.