Divine Flow & Kayaking Adventures

Sunday’s message from Row, Row, Row Your Boat started me thinking about my kayaking adventures.  Mostly, my time paddling on the open waters of the Atlantic Ocean, the Peace River, or local lakes was relaxing and tranquil.  But living in South Florida, there were also times when a storm would sneak up and take us by surprise.  Such was the case on the night of a particular full moon paddle.  It was also It was New Year’s Eve and my kayaking group prepared a special celebration on the water.   This night we chose to paddle the intercostal waterway.  It was a lovely evening full of laughter as we began our journey.  As the evening slipped into night, a storm moved in from the west and we were caught in the midst of it.   I recall everyone becoming silent in the darkness and paddling with all of our might.  The Coast Guard passed by warning us to head to the nearest place of safety then on their way they went, leaving us in their wake. 

The thunder was deafening and lightening lit up the sky like a morning sunrise.  Yet, I cannot recall a feeling of fear.  I think I move far past the point of fear to the raw determination to survive.  With unwavering focus on the destination of safety ahead, I trailed my fellow kayakers and as they turned the corner toward the dock.  They were now out of sight (so much for leave no one behind).  I know pure adrenaline ran through me and kept me strong in those moments.  I made it safely to shore, as evidenced by my writing these words.  

Reflecting on this particular kayaking adventure, I realize it was the unwavering focus, determination and pure will that got me safely home.  So, it is with everyday life. once we set our sights on what is ours to do as guided by Divine Mind, we can allow all the distractions to slip away.  We can allow the voices of others and our own naysaying to go unheeded.  Instead, we can pour our attention and intention as well as our energy and focus on the destination of our heart.  We can move right past the fear or doubt and journey toward our destination unencumbered. 

What a joy it is to live life in the Divine Flow.

Many blessings, 
Rev. Karen