Endings and Beginnings

Many of us have heard that “every ending is a new beginning”.  I feel certain that this is true with life’s experiences, be they the smallest of every day moments or the monumental, larger-than-life moments that may arise.  Today as I consider every ending that sits as a predecessor of a new beginning, what is foremost on my mind is the beginning that awaits at the end of each sentence we speak.  Whether our sentence concludes with a period, exclamation point, or question mark, it sets the groundwork for a new beginning.  Each new beginning can be an olive branch of peace amidst conflict or healing balm on a gaping wound.  Each new beginning, can also ignite fireworks of anger and rage or stir hurt and turmoil.

With the conclusion of each sentence we write on a page or speak into the ethers, away it goes into directions yet to be known.  Each person who reads the words we write or hears our words we speak, receives them from the mindset of their inner self.  

If others are wrought with angst, they will likely take in our words through the filter of angst.  If anger and resentment abide within the recipient of our words, they will be received with anger and resentment.  If grief and suffering is the experience of a person, they will take in our words, both written and spoken, shrouded by grief and suffering.  Likewise, if a person is calm, tranquil, peaceful, and loving, they will receive our words as the same.

While we cannot be in charge of how we are received in the world, the intention behind our words carries our energy and essence forward.  We do have the ability, and dare I say the responsibility, to be intentional with all that we say and do.  To send forth pure intentions into the world, our heart and mind must be pure as well.    
We speak often of our Unity principles, spiritual law, and practices.  No matter how often we talk about them, no matter how we dissect, rethink, and analyze “spiritual thought stuff” (a real spiritual term according to Unity co-founder Charles Fillmore), it is the practical use of these concepts that makes our life vibrant, wholesome and lived in Spirit.  Holding the highest intention of sharing the fruits of spirit with our world brings depth to living life in all its fullness.  Remembering that the fruits of spirit are love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, and self-control, what could possibly be a better way to live?  

Today, here and now, at this very moment and each in moment that follows, join me in setting the intention to be watchful of our endings and in setting the intention for beautiful beginnings.  Will you do this with me?  I truly hope you do!

 Many blessings and much love,

Rev. Karen