How might I be love today?

On my weekly day of silence, I woke feeling well-rested. I woke with no aches or pains, no sign of that lingering cough that had refused to allow me to breathe deeply or easily. I am mindful of the breath and the numerous feelings that stirred during recent days when breathing was difficult because of a respiratory infection. Today, I am ever so grateful for the ease of each breath and for restored health.

On this day of silence, during my morning contemplative time, I ponder two thoughts that have governed my life for many years: “Let all you do be done in love” (I Corinthians 16:14) and “How might I be love today?”. I wonder, what is it about love that asks that all I be is love? I wonder, what happens when I am in the vibration of love that emanates from another person? Simply sitting to think on this concept of love causes the vibrational energy of my physical body to increase and expand. I feel my entire being, in the briefest of moments, begin to feel lighter and porous. I seem to take in the love of my environment as well as imbue my space with this high vibrational energy of love. As I close my eyes and notice my breath, I also notice the buoyance of my being. I no longer feel the cushion beneath me. 

If this is what being the presence of love can do for me as I sit quietly on my cushion, in the peacefulness of my mediation room, why then, I wonder, do I spend even a millisecond of time in a mindset of anything but love? This is, I believe, the fulfilling of love.
As my eyes cast their gaze upon the world throughout my days, when love is ignited, I see the beauty and grace in every part of creation (sometimes even in the cockroach!). I see the exquisite blossoms that brighten my spring, now lingering through the heat of summer.  I see the cardinal alighted on the delicate limbs of my peach tree as a reminder of the presence of my beloveds from the beyond.

I see and feel the beauty of the evening rain that quenches3 the thirst of the parched summer Texas ground. I see the light of love in my crew: Micah, Sophia, Arthur, and Luna, awaiting their hugs and treats, and time for loving. 

When poised in love, the symphony of the birdsongs ushering in each new day, lifts my spirits and I soar to new heights. When my ears are tuned in to the vibration of love, I hear the inspiration of the chant of “Om So Hum” in the background as it carries me into the depth of meditation and back again. I smile at the sound of the neighborhood dogs joining in their evening bark (conversation). I often wonder what thoughts and messages they are sharing across the fences. There is a clear and present bark, pause, bark, pause, bark, as if the pauses allow time for each pup to be heard. 

When I am moving as the spirit of love, I am better able to suspend judgment and to hold my opinion as well as the opinions of others as merely that – opinions. I make no one right or wrong. I instinctively know when I have moved from the pureness of love to my human evaluator: critical, judgmental thinking.

In the spaciousness of divine love, I am a willing recipient of love and a gracious giver of love – without requirement, restraint, or conditions. In this pureness and perfection of love there is no right or wrong, no good or bad: there is only the beauty of the mindset love as life lived in Spirit.
Reconnecting the human experience with the spiritual existence causes me to pause. While I have felt the need to establish boundaries in human relationships, this has been a challenging aspect of living as a spiritual being in human form. Touching the space of divine love and bringing that quality into everyday human life stretches my thinking. I have, like others, felt it necessary to step away from a relationship a time or two in this life. The questions that always arise:
           What am I missing when I step away from a relationship?
           What am I resisting when I step away from a relationship?
           What life lesson may I be delaying for myself or the other?
           What am I not participating in with the other?
           Are those who are seemingly challenging me, volunteering to teach me?
As I dig deep into these questions, I am then well equipped to discern my next step with each relationship.  Moving always in the power of divine love affords each of us the comfort of knowing we are living life inspired by Spirit.  
Love and blessings
Rev. Karen