I bet you didn’t know 4…

I recently had what may seem like a silly idea.  I wondered, what is it that you might like to know about me before I take my leave for South Carolina?  What about me do you not already know?  Today I share one final story.  

There is a song I learned in my first Unity church written by Eric Hansen that says: 

        Our thoughts are prayers and we are always praying 
        Our thoughts are prayers, listen to what your saying 
        Seek a higher consciousness.  A state of peacefulness
        And know that God is always there.  And every thought becomes a prayer.

Over the years I have shared that I pray with and for you.  While I am gardening, planting seeds and pulling weeds to tend to all that has been planted, I pray for you.  While I am walking my pup Micah, images of you float through my mind and I lift a prayer for you.  There are often seemingly random moments such as grocery shopping, making my morning tea, preparing a meal, or even filling my gas tank, that a thought of you rises and again, I say a prayer.  I have learned over the years that our interconnectedness as humanity is real, strong, and palpable.  I believe you come to mind for a reason.  I don’t know the specifics of your need or desire for prayer, yet you are in my mind, so I pray.  After all, I don’t believe there’s such a thing as too much prayer.

I have also shared with you that I have a green book that holds your name. By now you likely know that I pray over this book each morning.  Today I want to share another meaningful prayer practice with my precious green book of prayers.  Many of you know that I typically devote Friday as a day of silence.  I sit in meditation, I write, sometimes I draw, but most importantly, I pause from activity and go within for one day each week.  This practice is inspired by my annual silent retreats and it has enriched my life exponentially.  Occasionally, perhaps one time each month, I observe a ritual to prepare myself for this day of silence.  This preparation begins just prior to midnight that marks the beginning of my time of silence.  I pause with my green prayer book and read aloud each name. I have gathered names in my book of prayers since I arrived in Dallas in 2007.  

As you might imagine, there are many, many names to read.  The list holds each of you, as well as wait staff of restaurants, co-workers from my years of working in senior care, folks from my sacred service organizations, long time friends, and new acquaintances.  Of course, my beloved family and crew (my pets) are also in my book of prayers.  Some of those listed have transitioned to other realms.  I pray for the journey of their eternal soul.  The truth is, once you are in my prayer book, you never leave, you remain in my prayers for all my days. 

Reading aloud each name is a magnificent way to begin a sacred time of silence.  Wherever I travel, whatever I do, wherever my life journey shall lead me, I carry my green prayer book along for the ride.

So now you know the many ways and times I hold you as a treasure in my heart and always in my prayers.

PS – remember this is the weekend we turn our clocks back for daylight savings time!  

Many blessings and much love, 
Rev. Karen