I'm on a rampage!

I seem to be on a roll.   Sunday, I hopped on to my soapbox during my talk about the fourth Unity principle which says: “We create our experiences by the activity of our thinking”.  Today I am headed toward a rampage!  I’m not a loud or boisterous person, so you may feel surprised to hear me say this, yet it’s true.  I am moving full-throttle toward a seismic rampage!

Before you get too excited thinking “Karen’s gone off the deep end”, let me explain.  Each week when I ready myself to write this Enews message, I sit in meditation with the question: What wishes to be said today?  Without fail, I am guided by my unfailing inner guidance to something that resonates as mine to say each week.  

This morning I was guided to the book “Ask and it is Given” by Esther and Jerry Hicks.  Finetuning my guidance led me to Process #1 which is: The Rampage of Appreciation. I laughed out loud remembering my recent time on the soapbox!  “Yes”, I declared, “I’m in the mood for a rampage! what could be better than a rampage of appreciation?”

The purpose of this rampage is to direct pleasant thoughts in your mind.  It’s simple and easy which makes it possible to do anytime and anywhere. Begin by scanning your immediate environment and gently noticing something that pleases you. Hold your attention on this pleasing object and consider all the aspects of the object that bring you pleasure.  The longer you focus on the object the more your positive feelings about it increase.  Pause long enough to notice how your feelings have improved.  When your good feelings have noticeably improved, scan your immediate environment again and notice another pleasing object to focus your positive attention on.  Choose objects that easily evoke appreciation and pleasure.  Simply pass by any object that you find troubling. This is not a fix-it process.  This is a process about practicing a higher vibration.  Carry this process, The Rampage of Appreciation, with you throughout your day and practice it to keep your vibration high in the frequency of appreciation.  Esther and Jerry Hicks say:

Because the vibration of appreciation is the most powerful connection between the physical you and the non-physical you (Spiritual you) this process will also put you in a position to receive even clearer guidance from your Inner Being.

Holding a mindset of appreciation sets the foundation of higher vibrations in all aspects of our lives.  Appreciation says to the Universe “Yes, more of this please!”.  When this high vibration is securely established, moving into feelings of lower vibration is more quickly noticed.  We can then swiftly shift our thinking and our speaking to ideas that generate higher vibrational frequency thoughts such as love, or joy, as well as appreciation.

This morning, I’m sitting in my office at Unity on Greenville, and quite honestly, I have only placed objects in this space that bring me pleasure.  Today the very first object I see is a framed mirror that was recently gifted to me.  I sit noticing the beauty of this gorgeous piece of art.  I appreciate the painstaking time that the giver of this mirror put into crafting it.  I gently feel the texture and study each individual bead that was thoughtfully paced on the frame of the mirror. I know that there was love poured into each bead as it was affixed to the mirror. I feel the love emanate from this masterpiece. I see the colors, the patterns, and the sparkle as the light shines on the mirror.  My heart became so filled with appreciation, as I took in the beauty of the mirror, that my eyes filled with tears.  I did notice a significant shift in my feelings after spending merely moments in this mindset of deep appreciation.  

I then move on to the next object of my appreciation which is a wall hanging of St. Francis of Assisi’s Prayer of Peace.  This is also a gift I received.  This prayer was given to me on the day I was ordained as a Unity minister.  This gift once hung in the home of a treasured and beloved person of Unity and has significant meaning to me.  I noticed the beautiful soft color of the fabric, the clear crisp black lettering of each word.  I am compelled to touch and feel the texture of the raised design as I brailed the satiny softness contrasted by the woven spaces.  I literally feel my heart expand and my feelings rise as I take in the details of yet another object in my immediate space to appreciate.  All of this happened in a span of five to seven minutes.  So you see, we can quickly raise our vibrations with our thinking.  I don’t need to move out of my chair. The space immediately around me is filled with a plethora of objects to appreciate!  I suspect that you too are surrounded by much to appreciate.

By adopting The Rampage of Appreciation as your practice, you make a decision to consciously look for things to appreciate and you make a commitment to raise your energy vibration as you practice appreciation.  If you heard Sunday’s lesson, you will know that I spoke about the vibrational frequency of our thoughts.  Some thoughts have low vibration, some have high vibration. Whatever the frequency of our thoughts, that is what we are using to co-create our lives.  This is also the vibration we are sharing with the collective consciousness.  By practicing The Rampage of Appreciations, you are invoking the Law of Attraction in your life which says:  thoughts that we hold in mind with enthusiasm and consistency tend to become manifest.”   Our Unity principle reminds us that everything that is in the manifest world begins with thought.   
I am reminded of the words of Paul to the Philippians:

Finally, brothers and sisters, whatever is true, whatever is noble, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is admirable—if anything is excellent or praiseworthy—think about such things. Philippians 4:8 

Much love and many blessings, 
Rev. Karen