January 8, 2020

Carolyn Myss, popular inspirational author, writes “Your spirit is the part of you that is seeking meaning and purpose”.   Our deepest need is for purpose and meaning for life.  Authors have written about this topic through the ages.  In The Revealing Word, Unity co-founder Charles Fillmore says “Life is divine, spiritual, and its source is God, Spirit.  The river [humans] and their spiritual consciousness.  We come into consciousness of the river of life through the quickening of Sprit We can be truly quickened with new life and vitalized in mind, and body by consciously connecting with Spirit.  This contact is made through prayer, meditation, and our actions”.

The power of life is Spirit activated within the soul of our being.  Life is the power that calls us ever forward, to a fuller, richer, more expansive expression of true, divine selves.  This power of life doesn’t require us to be discontent or unsatisfied where we are, yet our divine spirit entices us to go deeper, expand broader into the full consciousness of our divinity.  Jesus knew his divine potential and lived fully into that; so much so that Jesus is the example of perfect human, Jesus is the example of what is possible for us as we live a life of prayer and devotion to evolving our own Christ consciousness.

It is through our practice of mindful living, prayerful living, and meditation that we discern meaning and purpose for our lives.

Our meditation and prayer time bring us into conscious connection with Divine Spirit.  The deeper we move in this connection the more we realize and comprehend our true nature, our Divine nature, our Christ nature.   Awakening to this deep truth of our identity, we more strongly desire to show up in our world as the light and truth we are.  This is the power of life in action, drawing Truth from the depth of our being.  It is through a devoted practice of meditation the we learn and grow into the fullness of the divine within.

Our practice of mindful living illuminates our awareness to those moments in life when we are living from our divine nature and moments in life when we are living from our human egoic consciousness.   As we add mindfulness practices, we become more attune to how we are showing up in or world.  Awareness is the key to change and expansion of our consciousness. 

My hope is that you and I remain devoted to our spiritual growth far beyond the making of new year resolutions.  My hope is that our spiritual practices are imbedded in our daily life in such a way that we are compelled to continue practicing, awaking, evolving and expanding to the fullness of who we are meant to be – loving human expressions of the Divine. May it be so.

Sunday we will tap the energy of intentions at the 11:00 am celebration service.  See you there because it simply isn’t the same without you!  


Love and blessings,