Little Soul & The Sun

Today I am reminded of the children’s book “The Little Soul and the Sun” by Neale Donald Walsh.  It may be categorized as a children’s book but let me say it was written for adults.  The book was gifted to me ten years ago by a Unity chaplain and I remain always grateful for the influence of this gift. I have read the book many times, I have offered a Sunday lesson from the book.  Several days ago, I was drawn again to “The Little Soul and the Sun.”  I will say that tears filled y eyes as I read portions of the book.   I will not share the entire story here yet; these are the important passages for me today.

              After realizing that the Little Soul was pure Light, he became curious about how he could be light of forgiveness.  He wanted to be a forgiving soul of Light.  The problem was, In the Kingdom there was                    only Light, there was not darkness.  Upon hearing of the Little Soul’s desire to know how to be forgiving another soul, Friendly Soul, courageously offered to do something so awful and so that it would                      require Little Soul to forgive.  Little Soul was touched by Friendly Soul’s willingness and together they made an agreement.   You see, Friendly Soul would have to pretend to be darkness, something that                  he really wasn’t.  Friendly Soul was worried about two things. One was that Little Soul wouldn’t remember him for who he was and the other was that Friendly Soul wouldn’t remember himself for who he                  really was.  The promise was made that Little Soul would remember for both of them.   And so it was done.

 As I recall all the people who have walked the journey of this life alongside me, I wonder, how many have agreed to be whatever it was I needed them to be so that I could learn the fullness of Light as forgiveness, as compassion, as loving-kindness, as joy, as sadness,  as jealousy, or as love.?

When I think of all the people who when I am awake and aware, have called me to a higher expression of who I really am.  Have I recognized them as the Light that they are? Have I remembered the Light that I am? 

I assure you that I have sorely missed the mark of seeing the divinity in all who have shown up to teach me.  I have practiced and practiced over the years and I trust that I am improving.   When I experience a person who stirs irritation, who pushes my buttons, who strains that final nerve, who draws anger from deep inside me, I trust that I have become slower to judge them harshly.  I trust that I now move into recognition of their Light and their courage to become my teacher.

Sometimes it may be difficult to imagine that the most difficult and the most challenging times of life are for the unfoldment of our good. Yet, upon closer examination, with each moment of suffering or pain I have seen an ever-expanding presence of good in life.  There are moments that we may be reluctant or even unable call good.  I have seen over and over again how people have used the harshest moments of their life to create something good in the world.  I am eternally grateful for their courage. 

Today as we look across the landscape of our lives there is opportunity to see others as Light agreeing to show up disguised as darkness so that we can learn forgiveness, compassion and all the other qualities that shine as Light.  Perhaps our bosses, our families, those with political views that differ from own have arrived for the purpose of being our teachers so that we can remember who and what we truly are.   When I consider the persons who touches the tender spots or pushes buttons?  I wonder if that very person that we describe as the worst humans ever, agreed to participate in our life so that we could remember our Light and remember them as Light. 

I shall sit with this story “The Little Soul and the Sun” again today and allow my self time to remember what I am and who I am. As I sit a little while, I will make a greater effort to remember that each person is that very same Light.  However well disguised that light might seem on any given day, each person is Light in our world.  

A children’s book.  I think not.  Thank you Dyan for sharing this book with me. 

Know that I am here with you.  Know that I am here for you.

Let your Light shine!


Rev. Karen