Love is what we're here for

For this, the third week of Advent, we spend the week focused on Love.  I cannot think of a better way to direct my thoughts, my attention, and my time than on the gift of love.  Merely thinking about the capacity and power of love raises the vibration of my energy and lifts my outlook on all that I see toward a higher vision.   I began my day with the words of our dear friend Robin Hackett rolling through my mind.  The words of her song “Love is What We’re Here For” are a powerful reminder and an uplifting tune to carry me through this day.


Love is what we’re here for.

We are all just mirrors, in your faces I see clearer.

Clearer than I’ve ever seen before.

The heart is where to live from,

To give all you can give from this what I truly know for sure.

Love is what were here for. To give, and give more love.


I’m tired of all this anger and my own unkind behavior.

Who am I to judge anyone at all?

Cause if I look into you.  I can see the pain you’ve been through.

I know cause, I’ve felt the same way that you do.

Love is what were here for, to give and give more love.

Love is what were here for, to give more love.

I am instrument of peace; I am an instrument of love.

Love is what were here for.


We – you, I, and the rest of the billions of people on the planet - are indeed mirrors for one another.  What I see in you is what is in me. Whether I see joy, kindness, anger, fear, or love, it is because that is what is most prominent in me at a given moment.  We are all living our lives reflecting back to ourselves the strongest, most prominent feelings that are living in the recesses of our mind.

When someone acts in what seems like upsetting ways toward me, they are touching the upset within me, shining the light perhaps on what is waiting and desiring my attention to be healed, forgiven, or released.  When someone acts in what seems like love toward me, they are touching what is moving in me.  They are shining the light on the Truth of what I am, the light of love that is shining through me into the world.  With this understanding I can see clearly to the depth of myself and then choose to shift and nurture, and grow from within the very deepest interior of my being.  I can live a life of wholeness. 

“The heart is where to live from” says it all for me.  Yes, I need my thinking mind to choose to don a coat as the temperatures of winter dip to the thirties or to eat a healthy meal for vibrant health and energy.  I invoke the thinking mind to consider from a place of wisdom the course of my life takes or somethings as simple as safely crossing the street.  Love without wisdom may appear reckless.  Yet, to live a compassionate, caring life in the world, I turn to the heart to live from a place of love.  I Corinthians 16:14 is a persuasive reminder “Let all you do be done in love”.

I believe that we are all living our best life.  We get to choose each moment of each day to live from our heart of love, to give from the seeds of compassion, and to move in the ways of loving -kindness. Yes, they are lovely words to a great song and they are so much more.  Love is what we are here for.  In any moment I think I am here for any other purposes, I simply need to turn to the words of  inspiration to gently guide my course toward love.  Mother Teresa says it beautifully:

Go out into the world today and love the people you mee

Let your presence light new light in the hearts of people.


Love is what we’re here for. To give and give more love!

If any doubt remains in my mind of my purpose in this life at this exact moment in time, I only need to turn to the words of Jesus.  Any day, any time I wonder about what is mine to do John 13:34-35 offers clarity with these words:

I give you a new commandment, that you love one another.

Just as I have loved you, you also should love one another.

By this everyone will know that you are my disciples,

if you have love for one another.


It seems to me that we can speak endlessly about the qualities, the beauty, and the power of this Advent gift of love and still have words to say and thoughts to share.  Thus, is the endless capacity of love.