Meet Gracelyn

I sat in the waiting room very early one morning along with several others including a mom with two young children.  That is when I first observed a petite two-year-old in her full glory.   Regardless of the early hour, she was full of life and overflowing with energy for the day ahead.   She had a sweet, loving demeanor toward her baby doll and pink stuffed bear whose name is “One”.   Gracelynn didn’t share the name of her baby, yet she tenderly cradled the doll.   I stepped away from the waiting room to indulge in my morning tea and when I returned, Gracelynn was in full form.  She had begun greeting every person who sat in the room and introducing them to her bear named One.  She was full of life and a beautiful bright smile along with a hearty helping of curiosity.  She sat on the floor to color a page for her Mom. She added two new colors to the picture that she was making then she jumped up bright eyed and proud. She walked around the waiting room showing each and every person the masterpiece she was creating for Mommy.  As she made her way to her Mom, she squealed “Mommy, I made this for you!”  Mom responded with the perfect amount of enthusiasm to encourage her toddler onward.  She sat back down on the floor with her crayons rolling about to ad yet another layer to her coloring page.  

She spent time with the family behind me and then moved on to chat with the family to the right of me.  While she visited with a teen, see spied a McDonalds’ bag and declared that she wanted French Fries.  She pouted in feign disappointment to find none.  She perked up quickly when others arrived.

As time passed, she discovered two magazines.  One she plopped onto my lap, the other she kept for herself.  Something in my magazine caught her eye and up on my lap she climbed.  I felt honored to be her chosen person for the moment.  She sat contentedly as we perused the glossy pages.  We landed on the picture of a green bus and then it happened!  Gracelynn and I sat among the other people singing “The Wheels on the Bus”.  We exhausted all of our verses and as we ended I realized that this sweet precious and oh so precocious child, Gracelynn had caused me to sing.  She caused me to sing aloud – to sing aloud in public!  Friends, this is something I just don’t do. 

When her daddy was ready to go home, Gracelynn scooted off my lap and ran to greet her father.  Mom couldn’t quite catch her so she shouted out her name and the impish little girl with white beads in her plaits returned to wait with her family.   Her eyes remained filled with excitement and her infectious smile was still bright and beaming. 

Oh how this child literally took over the waiting room. I know for certain she eased some of the stress of the day for many.  She didn’t care what size, shape, gender, or color we were.  Gracelynn indiscriminately greeted and talked with everyone.  What a guileless being she is.  Yes, she is naturally friendly toward everyone. As her mom talked, she shared that she encourages this friendliness and acceptance of all in her young child.  I can say that she touched my heart and inspired my day.  I can also say “Look out world here comes Gracelynn!”

On this day I witnessed firsthand what is possible if I am willing to “become like a child to enter the Kingdom of Heaven” (Matthew 18:3.)  I saw a glimpse of the joy and pure love that flows endlessly in the eyes that are filled with childlike wonder.   I am grateful for this reminder. I am grateful for Gracelynn.

Love and blessings,

Rev. Karen