Monring Inspiration

Nothing calls me to life more than an early morning breakfast in my back yard on a beautiful spring morning. After watching the sun emerge through the trees, ushering in a new day, I slip into the depth of the silence. Micah, my devoted golden retriever, sits to my right. He too sits in silence until he is teased away by the sight of a squirrel. The birds seem to awaken the entire earth with their revelry. The breeze blows through the trees swaying them to and fro as it gently brushes my cheeks. The rustling leaves offer the perfect accompaniment for the symphony of nature this morning.
The breath of dawn draws my spirit to life with great anticipation for the adventures of this day. I sit in the silence taking in the exquisite moments of the earth awakening to a new dawn and I ask “What shall be my contribution to the beauty of this world today? How shall I add to what is perfect, right, just and pleasing in my surroundings? How shall I give from the fullness that this time with nature has nurtured within me?”

I sit silently waiting for the words and inspiration of divine guidance to move my heart and lead my day. In the beauty and peace of the stillness I hear:
Be patient. First with self and with others.
Be kind and gracious. First with self and with others.
Be tender with the bruised places of your heart. Yes, first with self so that you may then be tender with others.
Cease all your worry, it is for naught. Trust. Have faith. All is truly well at every moment for yourself and for all whom you love.
Be lighthearted and present for the cheerful moments of this day. Laugh often.
Allow your heart to be filled with love so that love may guide your steps and lead your way.

These words land gently in my mind and upon my heart. They touch the deepest parts of me with comfort and encouragement. A sense of deep calm and contentment washes through me. I sit in perfect peace taking in the oneness with the Divine as I savor the lush and generous gifts of nature that draws me to such inspiration.

At just that moment large, heavy, dark, brooding clouds swiftly roll across the sky. The gentle melodious breeze become gusty winds that toss the wind chimes into movement and draw me out of the moments of quiet of this morning. Right on que the first giant, heavy drops of rain fall to the ground.

Regardless of the rain or sunshine or how many mornings I sit in my back yard in communion with nature and God, I am left in awe. I am filled to overflowing with appreciation and gratitude for the gift of time. I am moved beyond words by the expanding awareness of Divine Presence in every movement and every breath of this life. I am overcome with the power of God’s handiwork in all of life. I welcome this day with enthusiasm and curiosity. I am eager to see how Divine Presence shall invite me into life today.