My Shield

My reading today from Fragments of Your Ancient Name by Joyce Rupp is this:
My Shield
You defend me vigorously
From my strong enemies
And that includes myself.
Those brooding parts of me
That come charging fiercely
With weapons of aggression
You are my strong defense
Against what tries to lure me
Away from your loving heart
Away from my genuine self.

Oh, how true these words are for many of us. We look to the presence of the Divine for protection and sometimes that is to protect us from ourselves. We sometimes seek protection for our tender spirit from the fears, judgmental, or critical thoughts that we hold toward ourselves. As our thoughts may go randomly on their way, fear, doubt, long held negative beliefs of our value, our worthiness becomes diminished in the “brooding parts of me.” Each time we travel in to the spaces of our psyche where we forget who and what we are, our hearts ache for protection. When the ways of the world try to lure us into the slumber of forgetfulness, away from the loving heart of the Divine, we rely on the strong defense of spiritual Truth. In time, we return to our genuine self, once again secure in the Truth of our being,

Time and time again I sit in awe of the power of my thoughts and how they can begin to drift to negative thinking if I am not steadfast and mindful. Overall, I tend to be a positive thinking person, yet on occasion, I can tell a whopper of a story that draws me out of spiritual alignment. As I practice mindfulness, as I continue my meditation and prayer practice, I catch myself more quickly when I begin to veer off the positive path. I then sit for a spiritual tune up and bring my thinking once again into harmony with spiritual truth. I know each of you do the same. It is heartwarming to know that I have you as my companions on this amazing spiritual journey. Thank you for being part of it. Know I am here for you.

Sunday, I share a chapter from a great book that I just read “The Kingdom Within” by john A. Sanford. Join me at 11:00 for our celebration service. Stay a little afterward for spiritual communion. I have prepared communion ritual for you young ones and I am excited to be sharing it. Please bring the kiddos too!

Blessings and love from my heart to yours,
Rev. Karen