Raise your words

“Raise your words not your voice. It’s the rain that grows the flowers not the thunder” are inspiring words written by seventeenth century poet and mystic, RumiBhakti House Band (Randall and Kristen Brooks and friends) has given these words an additional dimension by adding their sentiments and composing a beautiful chant that adds depth and richness as an accompaniment.  You can hear this music on YouTube https://youtu.be/E6y5XC3OIb0

They sing these words as the chorus:

If we can just be kind, all the rest will fall behind and we will find who we’re meant to be. I know fear and anger’s voices all too well, but if we can step back and let the wave of love swell then we will find the peace we seek.

Oh my!  How these words moved into my soul and touched my heart deeply.  There is so very much moving in our world at this very moment.  A war ending with great disruption to the lives of thousands and the loss of precious lives.   Natural disasters around the globe are everyday news as we watch close up or from afar.  The many aspects and perspectives around Covid 19 shroud everything we do from grocery shopping to gathering for our time of communion each Sunday.  There isn’t much that we do in our daily lives that is free from considering our health as well as the health of others, before taking action.   There is a lot on the minds and hearts of everyone.  This has caused even higher levels of stress and anxiety for many.  Restless nights of sleep, compounded by feelings of fear or languishing may impact how we move about our days.   

Numerous people have talked with me over the past few weeks and they have shared the angst and even anger that has risen with the surge in Covid cases and learning about the Delta variant. All of these things can cause the most devoted spiritual practitioner to succumb to fear and anger.   As the chorus reminds us, if we can remember to be kind, we will find who we are meant to be.   Time and time again, I have read that our true nature, our basic essential truth is that we are compassionate as people.   Yes, we can always point out the exceptional person that seems to be unfeeling or hard hearted yet, I see many more examples of kindness and compassion as being the way most humans are naturally.  Each of us can recall a simple act of kindness that brought a smile to our lips and tenderness to our heart.

We may feel helpless at times to change what is happening in our world.  How can we support the struggling people of Haiti, or in our own back yard? How can we be compassionate to the many who are now displaced from Afghanistan or any other part of the world?  How can we be gentle with those who view the Covid 19 experience with an opposite perspective than our own?

Especially now, it feels important to heed the words of Jesus’ apostle Paul as he writes to the people of Philippi:

Finally, brothers and sisters, whatever is true, whatever is noble,
whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely,
 whatever is admirable if anything is excellent or praiseworthy,
think about such things.                      Philippians 4:8

We think about these things not to overlook or bypass the stress and strife of life.  Rather we think about what is true and excellent to lift the vibration of our thoughts and words to a higher realm of consciousness – Divine consciousness.  We pause to remember that the vibration of our thoughts and words impacts the consciousness of the collective.  It is by raising our words that we raise the consciousness not only of ourselves but for all humanity.  We, together, can shift the vibrational consciences of the world with the power of our thoughts.   

From Biblical days to this very day, there is evidence mounting that what we think about with consistency and enthusiasm tends to come into existence.  The power of our thinking should not be disregarded or minimized.  Our thoughts are our SUPER POWER.  Imagine me, sitting in my office, and you sitting wherever you are, joining our thoughts together with ideas and feelings of love, kindness, compassion and harmony.  We would have an amazingly powerful impact on our individual surroundings and exponentially impact the greater community. When enough people are joined in this harmony of thoughts, often called the tipping point, the energetic vibration of our world will change.

I see this not as a burden to bear rather as a gift that each of us can offer to our world.  We can humbly offer our thoughts of kindness toward all beings.  We can pause throughout each and every day to add thoughts of compassion for all creation.   We can take actions that are inspired by these benevolent thoughts.  We can pause each day for a time of gratitude knowing that gratitude immediately raises our personal vibration and subsequently the vibration of those around us.  Imagine sitting in your favorite café or restaurant, or standing in line at the grocery story simply holding a thought of gratitude.  What an amazing gift of consciousness you are giving to the world.  

Perhaps now is the perfect time to become a consciousness changing agent.  We may see ways to begin with ourselves.  When angst or anger rise in us, we might pause, shift, give ourselves the love we need in that moment, then share the same with others.  Only by beginning with ourselves and filling our hearts to overflowing will we be poised to share these same qualities with our world.   I return to the words of Bhakti House Band:

 We all have a choice…It’s you and me that set our own hearts free.

Today, this very moment is the perfect moment to make the choice to set our own hearts free.  Tomorrow is another perfect day or any day ahead is equally perfect to choose to be a consciousness changing agent!

Many blessings and Much Love

Rev. Karen