Shake up some love

As I close my morning time of prayer I take pen to paper to write these words. I sit in the silence of communion and I feel the Mighty Presence within my being. The vibration of my body quickens and I become acutely aware of a greater aspect of life that expands the boundaries of my thinking beyond what I see, what I touch, the aromas and the tastes. Beyond the senses of this human experience is something more expansive and yet these words fall short of describing the inner world of the “secret place of the most high”. The journey inward, to the inner sanctum of my being, is a journey I cherish. The treasures found in the depth of contemplation are greater than those of a pirate’s bounty. It is in this time that this life becomes more real. My purpose for being is made clear. In this space, void of time and geography, I touch and I am touched by God. This is life in the inner realm, the space in which I pray.

The affirmative prayer practice of Unity is a powerful experience. There is a mental, physical, and spiritual shift of energy when I affirm that all that I pray for already exists. When I think of prayer, one of the first thoughts I have are the words of Charles Fillmore:
Prayer is the most highly accelerated mind action known. It steps up mental
action until man’s consciousness synchronizes with Christ Mind.

Prayer changes no aspect or quality of God. Prayer changes me! When I am in my time of prayer, I feel the inner shift of my thinking from that of the outer world to the inner realm. My awareness moves from my physical surroundings to “the secret place of the most high.”

When I pray, I become aligned with the Divine and hear the divine inspirations of God. These divine inspirations become my desires, for they resonate as truth at the very core of me. It is what “Not my will by thy will be done” means to me. Not sacrificing, of giving up, rather it is my highest consciousness being in harmony and oneness with God. My awareness becomes one with the God who is love. This is the space of a powerful and life changing shift. My will, my desire, my intentions become the desire for love.

This time spent devoted to the inner realm of my being often makes living in the outer realm possible. As I bring the peace that I become as I rest in the silence, I share that peace in my world. At this very moment in time our world is shouting for peace. We know that unless we have peace within, there shall be no peace in the outer.

From that place of peace, I am better equipped to go into the world and be a messenger of love. My inspirational reading today began with these words of the Divine speaking to me, to you, to all of us.

“Go!” you say “Do not be afraid. I have imperative work for you to do.
Keep your mind’s eye focused on me. Bring my teachings of love into your life.”

We know as Jesus observed Passover, the Last Supper, with his disciples, he gave them a New Commandment. In John 13:3 Jesus says “Love one another; as I have loved you".
Let’s make this week fabulous by shaking up a lot of love in our world!