Sit with me a while

Time for full disclosure.  This is the third do over as I sit to write the enews today.  Honestly, I cannot recall this happening since I began weekly enews message in 2013.  It’s not that nothing comes for me to share. In fact, the opposite is true.  There is so much to share that it’s challenging to know where to begin.  So, I head for my cushion and moments of silence.  

Here I go one more time:

Sit with me a while.  Pause and come away from the news that is critical and judgmental.  Pause and share a little grace, a bit of mercy and a hearty helping of kindness.  The human world feels hard and rough, filled with chatter and so much noise.  Come a part for a while and sit gently in my arms.

Sit with me a while and let the debts and their collectors, the work, the hardships, and what is not yet known rest idle for a moment.  Let all that distracts you and takes you away from time spent with me be stilled. I long to sit with you to wrap you in my love, to hold you in my grace.

Sit with me a while and feel my hand upon your heart.  Soothing the sadness and easing the pain.  As I smooth the rough spots of your heart, remember to look past the rough exterior and see the softness of another soul.  See the spaces where they feel hurt or sad and love them, just as I am now loving you.

Sit with me a while so that I may tend your wounded heart and stitch it into wholeness once again.  As you grieve and mourn your loss, know I intend no harm.  Nothing remains forever in this form.  All things change and turn new again. I will be your comfort from here to there and back once more.

Sit with me a while in harmony with Earth.  Allow the simple beauty, the sights and sounds suffice.  The lighting bolts across the sky as rains pour from the heavens, the painted skies of night and morn are artistry I make for you.   I give the symphony of song in the voice of birds at dawn to serenade your days.

Sit with me a while and in my peace be still. Rest and pause and hear my voice tenderly guiding your way.  Trust and know I’m here with you..  I am walking along each and every step you take.  Know my love that has no bounds or no limits.  Rest with me and be at peace and we’ll begin again.

There you have it, the words that fell from my finger tips and onto this page.  In reading these words, they are clearly my invitation and I trust it is yours as well. As our days unfold may we all pause to breathe, to listen, to hear, and to follow the invitation that takes us back to our Source.  May we all travel back to the place where we find peace, comfort, and assurance.