Throw Open the Windows

“Moonlight floods the whole sky from horizon to horizon;

How much it can fill your room depends on its windows.”    Rumi

Each year as spring arrives and again when fall descends, I open all the windows in my home to allow the cool fresh air to move through each nook and cranny of my space.  I welcome the coolness after the heavy heat of summer and the warmth after the cold of winter. With windows open, I breathe deeply taking in the crispness and allure of the gentle breeze that moves softly through the air.  Along with the freshness of the air, I welcome the sounds of life. I hear the barking of all the dogs of the neighborhood as they converse among themselves not giving

me a clue to what they share. The lawn mowers and leaf blowers are tolerated and I do my best to not allow their noise to assault my ears. I hear the air traffic overhead and I hear the voices of the squirrels as they chatter among each other while scampering through the canopy of trees that cover my backyard.    A fullness of life moves in me as the breezes move through my home.  Everything feels fresh and inviting. There is a sweet spell that is cast over me as I open my windows to the elements of the fresh air.

The windows in my home are many and strategically placed to allow light and air to flow in from all directions.  Every phase of the sun and moon enjoy welcomed entry into my home.   Walls have been removed to welcome the light and air of day or night to caress my dwelling place.   There is a palpable shift of energy within my space as the windows open and welcome the outdoors to enter.  My pup and kitties notice the shift and sniff the air as it drifts through our home.

The moonlight, sunlight, or movement of breezes that flow into our hearts is the same.  When the windows of our heart burst open, we are poised to see and feel our world with that same perspective of openness and welcoming.  We may anticipate the newness of each moment with joy for the goodness that it brings.  We may more easily look upon the world with spacious grace and loving-kindness. We may eagerly pour our love into each encounter as we welcome each adventure of life.

When the windows of our heart are battened down as if preparing for the winds of storm, the world is shuttered out of view and heaviness moves with the stale and stagnant air. Void of moment and sustenance, we cannot breathe life into our soul. Thriving becomes mediocre existence which in turn becomes joyless survival at best.   Our view of the world may become closed and closeted through the heaviness of darkness. 

Untether the shutters, lift the shades, open the windows, and free the spirit that desires to flow freely in your being.   Allow your spirit to rise and soar. Catch the thermal of Love and Life to carry you beyond the confines of this human perspective to see with the eyes of the Divine.  What a glorious view of life from the vantage point of Love!  Skewed through the lens of love, begin to see the beauty and the grace that is showered upon all creation.  Savor each exquisite moment of life lived with the sun shining and the moon glowing freely through the windows of your heart.