This too is the Kingdom

I awaken this morning and notice that my head feels stuffy, my ears are blocked, my body is feeling achy and I have chills. With the Sunday lesson “Kingdom of heaven” still in my mind, I silently ask, “Is this too, the kingdom of heaven? Really?”. Much to my surprise I hear the reply “Seek the Kingdom, for there you will find the Truth of your being”.
Well, with that surprising clarity, I brew my morning tea and I relax onto my sofa to sit. The cushion on the floor feels way too low to venture to this day. As silence surrounds me, I move into the depth of meditation. I go into this morning’s meditation with a great deal of anticipation to reach the Kingdom. This is the message from my time in silence:

Do not to fret over the physical feelings. They will come and they will go, just as they always have.
Stay steadfast in your heart and in your seeking. This is the way I would choose for you. This is the path that I made ready for you. Your aches and pains will pass away in short time, yet my kingdom and its riches are eternal.
The flesh and worldly experience of this day is temporary. I am the way of your soul’s existence in eternity. Even with all you feel right now, there is nothing that separates you from my love or from my devotion to you. Remain faithful to your works, to your practices, for they serve you well. In your time of communion with me your faith is made deeper, richer and more sustaining. Yes, because you inhabit your human body, you will experience all that the human world offers. Yet, when you abide in me and remember that I always abide in you, you will find peace, truth and love. The feelings and all that you experience in the realm of the world will come and they will go yet, with me, wholeness is eternity.
There is a duality living in your human experience. There is both physical wellness and illness. There is the full spectrum of every feeling and of every emotion. We often feel great joy and an equal depth of sadness. Thus is the nature of human existence. Learn all that is possible for you to know in each of these extremes, yet always remember the I Am within you is always peace, always love, always compassion.
Remember my words “I will never leave you or forsake you”. Even if this human world seems harsh and cold, I will warm your heart. Turn to me often, seek refuge in my Kingdom. Always know it is my pleasure to give you this kingdom.

I emerge from the quiet of time in meditation still feeling achy, yet comforted, knowing that this too shall pass and my days shall once more be filled with energy and enthusiasm. I am grateful for the reminders that come when I enter the silence. My prayer for you this day is that you too seek so that you shall find. I pray that you knock so that the door shall be opened and that you ask and are willing to receive all that is given.
Sunday we will have a little fun with “…and one more thing.’ Join us at 11:00 for our celebration service followed by Bountiful Banquet in the Upper Room! Why not bring a friend who would also enjoy our loving inclusive community and Unity teachings?

Many blessing,
Rev. Karen