Today I allow the gathering of words to choose themselves and to come together in a way that pleases them.  I invite divine wisdom to flow and fill the spaces on this page.  I wait for what appears first through the eyes of my mind then from the tip of my pen. (Yes, I write most of my messages longhand).   In a flash, the words tumble through my mind like children practicing summersaults on a sunny afternoon.  Pause…Sigh…Weep…Rise, the words flow and stop.

I continue writing in the flow of spirit’s inspiration.  

I pause to bend my ear to the Divine Presence.  Awakened, attuned, alert, and at one, I pause.  I pause from the race of doing and the temptations of the prattle of the world.  In these moments of pause, there is a space of being.  It is a space of being nothing and it is a space of being the totality of all that exists.  The awe of the pause humbles me in the wholeness of life.  The pause embraces me tenderly and opens my heart to the realm of knowing compassionate loving-kindness.  The pause brings me home and returns me to this space and time, the reality of here and now.

I sigh and the heavy exhale of stored up thoughts and feelings flee the confinement of my mind and release themselves into the ethers.  From the wellspring of thought deep within my being, all that is inside flows outward and evaporates, returning to the nothingness from which it was born.  The emptiness of cleansed space is now prepared to receive the grace of the inhale.  I take in the breath of life sustaining sustenance for my soul.  I allow this life breath to move slowly, effortlessly into my lungs – the sigh, the breath.

I weep for all I think I have lost and I wonder what have I really claimed as mine.  I weep for what I think shall never be realized and yet, what are the dreams I have dared to dream. I weep for the passing of time far too quickly for my mind to comprehend and for the life that I cannot touch.  I weep for the souls of the suffering and join their lamentation of sorrow.   I weep for the worries and predicaments of all beings.  I weep for those wailing and moving as shadows of themselves now lost in an abyss of life.  Grief rises like an unyielding vine wrapping itself through every part of my heart.   I weep until there are no more tears to fall and my dry eyes now see for they are cleansed by the salt of tears. 

I rise to love what is more than I love what I think I desire.  In loving what is, a space is created for Divine Spirit to soar and carry me to the grandest of possibilities for this life.  Spirit carries me far beyond the visions of my mind’s eye.  I travel to realms I have yet to even imagined when I am persistent in anchoring in the ideas of this world and this experience of this physical life form.  I rise on the wings of Spirit to the spaces beyond, where the soul of me knows the wisdom of Truth.