You are the light of the world!

Greetings and abundant blessings to you!  Yes, you radiant beings of light.  You are the light of the world!  You are the light that shines in the darkness. You are the light that is the brilliance of each day.  You and you alone are the light shining as a beacon to show the way of love for someone at this very moment.  As you sing and dance to the tune of your light, you knowingly or unknowingly uplift another. 

This, being the light of the world, is not a burden or a cross to bear.  Instead, it is a privilege worn as a badge of honor in service to all people.  It is a simple task to be the light, all you need to do is shine! Simple, but not always so easy.  It is simple to be the light and to love all creation, for you are part of and one with the loving creation of God.  Being the light is simple and it is your true nature, your true self, your authentic way of being.  Love and light are who and what you are.  Simple, yes; easy, perhaps not.  It is the world that draws you away from your true divine self.  We are called to live beyond the ways of the world remembering that we are spiritual beings with the privilege of having this human experience.

Living as the light of this world calls us to live with one foot in the sense world and one foot in the realm of the Divine; always knowing, always trusting, always living from the Source.  Always remembering the divine beingness of your soul.  As you move in the world, be not tainted by the ways of the world.  Rather, allow your light to shine so brightly that others are drawn to you, to the ways of Divine Mind.  

Shining your light in the world, living your true identity is the way of love, and the way of living here and now.  Walking among the world as the light brings hope to others, brings joy to all who see.  Be not discouraged for as your light shines others cannot help but see their own light reflected back to them through you.  Yes, all have the spark of God that is their innate way of being.  Some have forgotten, some have never acknowledged this light that shines within all of God’s creation.  

So, I say with great confidence and faith, you are the light of the world.  No one is left out of the inheritance of this light. “For you are all gods”.  We have heard the words “these things that I do you shall do also, these things and greater”.  These are the words Jesus spoke to his followers.   They are true at this very moment for those who are willing to be all that they are upon this earth to be.   You are the light of the world.  Seek the light of others and watch what happens. The light of humanity’s collective energy is equal that of the sun shining amidst the darkest of nights. 

You are the light of the world, present at this time, and in this place, as the unique expression of God that you are.  Only you can shine as you.  It is your unique way of shining that makes you a gift to the world at this very moment.  
As I think of all the people walking upon the planet at this very moment, there is no one, not a single person exactly like you or me.  Yes, there may be DNA that we share in the interconnectedness of our beingness.  But there is no one who looks just like you, there is no one who sounds just like you, there is no one who shines just like you.  We may notice similarities, yet there is no one with the exact composition of characteristics, behaviors, habits, and idiosyncrasies as you.  You are a unique and divine expression of Source as life and light in the world. 

So here and now we face the question of not whether we will shine, but rather how we will shine?  Shall we hide beneath fear or doubt, or shall we shine boldly and brightly? Shall we faintly glow as if dying embers of a fire, or as if an explosion of radiant beingness?   Will we allow our light to be made small by the opinions and judgments of others, or will we shine on as the radiant being of light remembering that what others think of us is really not our concern?  So long as we are tethered to the truth of our divinity, so long as our actions emanate from the awareness of our true nature, as long as we are moving and living congruent with the light we were born to be, we may shine freely and boldly in the world.  

I have said several times over the years, and I say again now; there is at this very moment someone who sees your unique expression of light. There is someone who you are shining for like no other is able.  There is someone who needs to see your light right here and now.  Someone is searching for hope, love, acceptance of themselves. Your light shines for them as a guidepost along their journey.  You are the light that assures them they are on the path to recognizing their own light.  Perhaps it is a glancing smile, a friendly word of greeting, or an act of kindness that you share with another that lights their way and carries them further along the discovery of their true divine nature.  Perhaps they catch a glimpse of their own light ignited by your spark.  Perhaps it is your being the peaceful presence amidst the noise and confusion of the world that allows the light of another to glow once more.  You will likely never know the lives touched by the light you shine and the love you share as only you can.  Shine your light, brightly and brilliantly in all your days and allow yourself to be energized and uplifted by the light of others, so that one day there is only light that shines and the darkness of our world is no more. 

For you are the light of the world, shine on!


Rev. Karen