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Renew Your Glitter

Quite some time ago I came to be entrusted as the owner of Baltasar Graician’s Manual ~ A Truthtelling Manual & the Art of Worldly Wisdom.  Writing number eighty-one says:

Know how to renew your glitter.  It is the birthright of the Phoenix: even the

best goes stale and so its fame, for familiarity kills admiration, wherefore

something fresh even though mediocre comes to outshine the greater virtue,

Little Soul & The Sun

Today I am reminded of the children’s book “The Little Soul and the Sun” by Neale Donald Walsh.  It may be categorized as a children’s book but let me say it was written for adults.  The book was gifted to me ten years ago by a Unity chaplain and I remain always grateful for the influence of this gift.

Words with Eric Butterworth

I sat quietly inquiring with my inner guidance for what would like to be offered for the lesson Sunday.  Weeks ago, I had been clearly guided to turn to prolific writer and great inspirational Unity minister Rev. Eric Butterworth for a summer series.  I call it “Bits of Butterworth”.  I knew it would be a fun and invigorating series.  You see, Rev.

This I believe

On the morning of Monday, June 1st, I woke with tears streaming down my face. I was startled by the awareness that I had been crying even in my sleep.  It’s been an emotional number of days for me and for many people.  I was devastated to watch the video a week ago of George Floyd lying on the street as he called out for officer who held him to the ground to allow him to breathe.   While this video stirred deep emotions within me, I pause and consider a few things.  

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