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Prayer for Peace

I woke this morning with my mind reciting the words of St. Francis Assisi Prayer for Peace.   My heart was turbulent and I wasn’t quite certain why.  I had slept peacefully and awoke feeling rested, yet the turbulence in my heart was relentless. I sat with the feeling for a while and allowed myself to be present and aware.  Slowly I was able to identify the sources of my turbulent heart. 

Season of Peace and Nonviolence

Tomorrow, January 30th begins the Season of Peace and Nonviolence which marks the dates of the Memorial of Mahatma Ghandi and Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.   There are mindfulness practices to promote peace in our lives and in our world for each of the sixty-four days.   The practices are easy to do if one is focused and mindful of their thoughts, words, and actions.  Each of the practices call us to an ever higher awareness of violence in our lives.  There are some questions that rise for me.

Mirror mirror on the wall

As I began preparing this Sunday’s talk, I found myself paying closer attention to the time I spend in front of a mirror brushing my teeth, applying eye makeup, and combing my hair each morning only to reverse the routine when evening comes.  This day however, I paused a litter longer and allowed my eyes to take in the lines across my brow, the creases around my eyes and the lines around my lips that cause me to look unhappy unless I am smiling broadly.  Oh my, I thought feeling a bit ill at ease with the signs of aging that rest front and center across my face.  Gone were the thick lashes

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