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As I lay on the soft green grass of summer, I take in the puffy white billowing clouds drifting high above in the afternoon sky.  The trees are thick, rich, lush and oh so tall from my vantage point of ground level.  The branches stretch upward far above me with their long, limber branches swaying in the breeze.  Their leaves boast as many shades of green as my mind can imagine.  The hills appear grand and rolling with the farmer's corn crops poking upward from the earth nearly ready for harvest.  This was often the view during my afternoon romps.    This is how I saw the earth from the saf


In a recent conversation with a mother of a teenage girl, the mother lamented that her daughter was always borrowing her make up.  As a result, Mom had to search time and time again for her cosmetic supplies.  As a solution, she purchased her beloved daughter a stockpile of beauty supplies of her own.   Other mothers chimed in expressing their exasperation with teen daughters wearing their clothes without asking and lamented finding their shoes on their teen’s feet!

Labyrinth of Life

Many of you may know that I have a labyrinth in my backyard.  It has been as source of inspirational moments as well as a fabulous meditation practice.   For a little background on my sacred space, I share this. When I purchased my home the backyard was grassless.  It was a barren space.  Yes, that means it was mostly soil that the canopy of trees shaded and limited what would successfully grow.

the long look

The photo attached today is near my childhood home.  I took this picture on my final visit with my mom before she moved to assisted living.  As it turned out, this was also my final visit before this home of my youth was sold to a new family, a young couple who would make new memories for their family yet to be.

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