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This is Christmas

It is the sparkle in a child’s eyes as they laugh and squeal with delight at the wonder and seeming magic of the Christmas season that also brings joy to the hearts of adults.  Perhaps we would wish ourselves to return to the days of wide-eyed wonder and guileless exuberance of the Christmas season.  I believe with all my heart that It is this very desire for joy that causes humanity to move from an innate quality of compassion and loving-kindness.  Expressing kindness and generosity toward others, as I see it, is our inherent nature and way of being.  It is an anomaly when we see deviation

Love is what we're here for

For this, the third week of Advent, we spend the week focused on Love.  I cannot think of a better way to direct my thoughts, my attention, and my time than on the gift of love.  Merely thinking about the capacity and power of love raises the vibration of my energy and lifts my outlook on all that I see toward a higher vision.   I began my day with the words of our dear friend Robin Hackett rolling through my mind.  The words of her song “Love is What We’re Here For” are a powerful reminder and an uplifting tune to carry me through this day.


Pumpkin Pie and More

Pumpkin pie, neighborhood walks, dog hugs, pasta, hugs, sweet goodnights, and more hugs.  What do all of these things have in common?  They are the memories of precious times with my grands.  As I drove the long flat roads that carried me away from Texas, I slowly untethered myself from my everyday life.    As I drove toward South Carolina, I carefully navigated the miles after miles of construction and I noticed the palpable excitement that rose with every passing mile.  Soon, my destination was in sight.

Bless the space between us

I sit in my chair, tea in hand, accompanied by the silence of the morning as the sun trickles through the window.  Sophia, my kitty, claims a small patch of sunshine that landed on the living room floor as her personal haven.  Sophia, Arthur, Micah, and I sit in the quiet as the earth awakens to this new day.  We rest peacefully in the space we call home, the space that nourishes my mind, body, and spirit.   Home, the space that blesses us at the end of each day with comforting rest and welcomes us renewed and refreshed each dawn.

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