Bridges to Contemplative Living - Paradise Begins Now

Thomas Merton believed that the gates of paradise are all around us. Seeing That Paradise Begins Now, the eighth and final book in the series, helps participants discover where they are and how to open them.
Bridges to Contemplative Living with Thomas Merton gently leads participants on a journey toward spiritual transformation and a more contemplative and peace-filled life. Each eight-session booklet provides an introduction to Merton and contemplative living through prayers, readings from Merton and other spiritual masters, and questions for small group dialogue.
  • Introduction
  • The Ecology of Paradise
  • Entering Paradise: The Pilgrimage to Human Kindness
  • The Heart’s Eden: Discovering Jesus
  • Discovering Paradise Within Communities of Forgiveness
  • Final Integration 1: Contemplative Living as Inner Experience
  • Final Integration 2: The Loss of Self in Full Ripeness
  • Final Integration 3: Contemplative Living & Peacemaking
  • A Transforming Vision of Love’s True Horizons