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Unity on Greenville has been a “Sanctuary for the Soul” for thousands of people for sixty four years. It was founded by Dr. Ruth Gillespie who was one of the first women ministers in Dallas. She and a dedicated community bought and renovated what had been a dilapidated church building. They restored the building turned it into a beautiful place of Christ teachings, music and prayer.

While the church building has been lovingly cared for under several different Ministers and congregations, there has been a natural aging and some deterioration that has occurred. We now have a need for repair of rotted wood on windows and stairs, cracks in the outer walls, roof and structural repair, painting, plumbing upgrades, and other projects that are in need of refreshing, renewal and restoration.

The funding for these projects will be substantial. While our church leadership and community members have enthusiastically responded in seeding our Renew Refresh Restore fundraising effort, we are asking all who love and care for this Iconic and historical church to generously donate to our fund.

You can make a tax deductible donation by cash, check or credit card. To donate by credit card, select the Donate button below and follow the instructions provided. We will gladly send you a receipt for tax purposes.

Unity on Greenville is a non-denominational community church that welcomes people of all faiths. We base our teachings on what Jesus taught and the power of prayer. Please let us know how we might help in your Spiritual growth.

Thank you for your generous giving.

God is blessing you!


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