Karin Kussmaul bio

I am from Würzburg, Germany.  Roughly 20 years ago, I moved to Killeen, TX, and just recently moved to Irving. I raised two wonderful children as a single mother.
Now that they are all grown up and I have more time to myself; I was looking for a hobby.
When I was younger I studied Art in school but stopped for many years. Inspired by watching Bob Ross's Wet On Wet technique on The Joy of Painting, in 2016 I fell in love with Art again.  He made it look so easy for me to learn his technique.
My favorite art pieces are land, seascapes, and galaxies. After one year of painting, I started selling my art and giving them away as gifts.
I feel so accomplished after I've finished one of my paintings. I put all my feelings and emotions into them and enjoy people's reactions to my artwork. It makes me happy when people love my paintings. I just love to paint all day! 
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