Minister and Spiritual Leader


Rev. Karen Romestan photo

Karen is an ordained Unity minister who has been minister of Unity on Greenville since 2014.   Arriving in Dallas in 2007, Karen claimed this spiritual community as her spiritual home and attended services, classes, and other events.  Throughout the years she has served Unity on Greenville as Youth and Family Director, Spiritual Care Team Coordinator, and Ministerial Assistant.  

About Unity on Greenville, Karen says “Being part of Unity on Greenville throughout these years has been a source of great spiritual growth and much joy for me. I am blessed to have found this loving spiritual community to call home.”
Karen is devoted to the personal spiritual growth of each individual always recognizing that each person’s path is uniquely theirs.  Karen offers spiritual counseling in the safe environment of trust and is present to support people as they navigate the many twists and turns of life.
Passionate about honoring the many paths to God and the many names for God has brought richness and close relationships with the interfaith community. Introducing Unity and engaging with Hare Krishna, Buddhist, Jewish, Baha’i, Muslim, and other faiths have enriched life at Unity.  
For fun. you may find Karen enjoying local botanical gardens, kayaking, writing, or attending chamber music, opera, or symphony.  Savoring silent seclusion in nature is one of her favorite ways to spend a day.
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Dear Friend;
Thank you for exploring our website! Your energy has blessed us, whether you are here for the first time, or have perhaps attended one of our Sunday Celebration Services. Our goal is to be a blessing to you in return!

Unity is a way of life, a spiritual path that is spiritually unlimited. The Unity path is perhaps best described as positive, practical, inclusive Christian spirituality, based on the spiritual principles taught by Jesus the Christ. These transformative teachings of unconditional love, forgiveness, and faith in God are at the very heart of Unity.

We see our purpose in life is to express our divine potential, and at Unity on Greenville, we are committed to supporting you on your spiritual path. Our support for you is unconditional, no strings attached, and filled with loving-kindness, compassion, and joy.


Rev. Karen