Minister and Spiritual Leader


Karen began her involvement with the Unity Movement in 2005 at Unity of Hollywood, Florida with The Complete Works of Emily Cady (Lessons in Truth and How I used Truth) being her introduction to Unity.
Quickly becoming involved with the Youth & Family Ministry at Unity of Hollywood, Karen was a preschool teacher and nursery volunteer.  It was the 4T Prosperity Program that brought deeper awareness of the power of our thinking and subconscious beliefs and how to use these as tools to enrich our lives and the lives of those we encounter daily.  Practicing the 4T Program opened doors for Karen to move to Dallas in 2007.
In 2008 Karen became actively involved in the Chaplain Program and subsequently a Chaplain Coordinator and Coordinator of Spiritual Care Team.   As leadership roles presented, Karen said yes and in 2010 she became Director of Youth and Family Ministry at Unity on Greenville.  In spring, 2013 Karen became a Licensed Unity Teacher and supports others who choose to become LUT by teaching classes, leading meditations and Coordinating the Spiritual Care Team.  As an active supporter and leader of the Unity on Greenville Spiritual Community, Karen heard the call to ministry and is supported by the Board of Trustees in pursuing the path to become an ordained Unity minister.  March 2016, Karen met the requirements to be licensed Unity minister. 
In January of 2013, Karen began serving as the Ministerial Assistant and in February 2014 Karen was invited to serve as Spiritual Leader of Unity on Greenville
Karen enjoys spending time visiting local botanical gardens and may be seen kayaking local lakes as well as visiting area vegetarian restaurants.  Enjoying the symphony, chamber music and opera are more of her favorite activities in the DFW area.  She has slowed her pace from running to walking and enjoys long walks around White Rock Lake.   She visits Florida frequently, the home of her children and grandchildren.  Karen’s volunteer time is spent as a hospice volunteer.


Dear Friend;
Thank you for exploring our website! Your energy has blessed us, whether you are here for the first time, or have perhaps attended one of our Sunday Celebration Services. And our goal is to be a blessing to you in return!
Unity is a way of life, a spiritual path that is culturally Christian and spiritually unlimited. The Unity path is perhaps best described as positive, practical, inclusive Christian spirituality, based on the spiritual principles taught by Jesus the Christ. These transformative teachings of unconditional love, forgiveness, and faith in God are at the very heart of Unity.
As children of God, our purpose in life is to express our divine potential, and at Unity on Greenville, we are committed to supporting you on your spiritual path. Our support for you is unconditional, no strings attached caring and, to be honest, outrageous joy. We are fun, joy-filled community in this little church on Greenville Avenue, where you are welcome just as you are. Our Sunday blessing which we say to our youth, and they say to us, sums it up: "God loves you and accepts you just the way you are, and I love you and accept you just the way you are."
Early in our Sunday Celebration Services, we greet each other with a wonderful Hindu greeting, Namaste, which translates "The God in me honors and greets the God in you." Our Unity version is "The Christ in me blesses and honors the Christ in you." So, my friend, we deeply honor the Christ--the Spirit of God--in you and invite you to join us on a Spirit-led adventure in faith. Namaste!
Blessings and Love...
Rev. Karen