The Mystical Power of the Sacred Sites of Hawaii & Mount Shasta

Please join Magick for a live talk/transmission on Tuesday November 26, 2019 at 7:00pm - 8:30pm. 
In this talk, Magick will share true stories of instant manifestation, people awakening to their true nature, miraculous healings, time travel, experiencing other dimensions and various mystical shamanic occurrences in the vortexes of Hawaii and Mount Shasta, two of the powerful places on earth.
Greg "Magick" Bernstein not only intends to educate & convey deep wisdom, but also to transmit the energetic power and frequency of the subject matter. Healing, awakening and transformation are catalyzed by Magick’s teachings and stories of mystical and miraculous experiences. These talks are a shamanic transmission and are very powerful.
Advanced tickets $15 at or $20 at the door.