Peacemoves Workshop


Bring: An internal or external conflict

When: Sunday 3/31 from  12: 45 p.m. - 2 p.m.
     (There is a Pot Luck Gathering beforehand at 11:00, feel free to join us! )
Where: Upstairs Gathering Space at Unity Church on Greenville Ave.
Cost: Complementary 

This is an invitation to enter the circle with the wisdom of the body and wholeness of the circle. This movement meditation creates the opportunity to explore conflict with an embodied approach, called Peacemoves™ developed by Valley Reed. 

Embodied movement takes us beyond polarities, which may catch us in survival modes of self preservation, narrow thinking and social bias. The body brings us back to sovereignty of choice, presence and our ability to be seen, to have a safe place to be, to breath and to be heard, by listening to our own body. 

A deep listening to the body, brings us to an openness to self, and a natural state of learning and receiving. In this space, you may find yourself dancing into empathy to see both sides, or exploring the deeper nature of conflict and discovering new potentials for growth and choice.

"Studies on producing music and movement show how during cooperation, the brains of two people become attuned to the same frequency. This is apparent in how the low-frequency brain waves of the participants become synchronized. Brain synchronization enables seamless cooperation, and is necessary for creating both harmonic music and movement. The ability to become attuned to another person’s brain frequency is essential for the function of any empathetic community" (Poikonen). 

Who: Valley Reed has spent the first half of her life dancing, as a soloist with Abilene Metropolitan Ballet Company, apprenticing with the Dallas Ballet, and later as a soloist and Assistant Director with Mahogany Dance Theater, and then finally, as a founding member of 9 Fish Jumping, a Contact Improv Dance Theater. While there, she had a pivotal experience, when a member of the company, tried to kick her out, due to her own jealousy and insecurity. Instead of taking it personally and being deeply hurt, she found her dreams provided a path of transforming the conflict through dance. She brought forth the dance that appeared in her dream, and offered it as a path of healing the conflict. The dance played out between them in a creative, improvised way, where they were able to transform the conflict, from fear and loathing, to the strength and vulnerability of open hearts.

This experience taught her the power of movement and dreams, to help overcome the most painful conflicts, we may find ourselves inside.
She developed Peacemoves™ from her own experience of conflict transformation, through creative expression and meditative movement.​