Reopening Board May 18th

May 18, 2020
Dear Friends of Unity.
Many people are wondering when we will again gather together in person as a spiritual community.  The board of trustees recently met virtually to discuss this question.  Based on the expert opinion of public health, epidemiology and infectious disease professionals who have a lifetime of experience and knowledge and out of love for our spiritual community, we---your Unity on Greenville Board of Trustees---is electing to not reopen our church building at this time.
Like you, we long for the opportunity to gather and worship together.  But given the current ongoing virulent spread of disease as articulated by experts we respect; the consensus we reached is that in-person celebration is not prudent at this time.  We have taken special consideration for those at highest risk for contracting this virus.
In our decision-making process, we referenced the recently introduced COVID-19 Risk Level color-coded chart.  
Dallas County COVID-19 Health Guidance for the Public
Our objective is to reopen once Dallas County reaches the Yellow Zone.  Today the county is in the Red Zone.  You can read more about the chart and zones at
In the interim, the board is putting together a reopening plan that will include measures that will help mitigate virus spread when we return to the building.  That plan will include safety guidelines set by the City of Dallas, Dallas County and the Centers for Disease Control.  It will be shared with you and implemented once the Yellow Zone level is reached county wide.   While the objective is to reach Yellow Zone status, we do know things change and trustees will     consider any extenuating circumstances that may call for deviating from the current plan.
Please continue to enjoy the Sunday Morning Celebration Service streamed live on Facebook.  For your convenience, the recorded service is also posted to YouTube and on our website at    We also continue to explore the possibility of live streaming outside the Facebook platform in order to provide broader accessibility.
Thank you for your continued support for Unity on Greenville as we navigate this experience together.  We are grateful for your prayer consciousness for our spiritual community, for one another, and for our world. We pause often to remember our first Unity principle God is Absolute Good and everywhere present.
If you have questions or concerns, please feel free to contact any one of us. 
In Service and Love, your board of trustees,
L. D. Carter, President
Marian Fleischman
Sandra De La Cruz, Vice President
Rev. Karen Romestan, Minister
Wally Huck, Secretary
Kryah Webb, Trustee
Mark Titus, Treasurer