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The purpose of the Social Media Team is to support the vision of Unity on Greenville:
We are a beacon of spiritual light and a loving sanctuary, sharing our positive Unity message with all people.
We support and demonstrate Unity on Greenville’s core values of Love and Integrity:
Realizing and accepting our oneness with God, we extend love to all.  We demonstrate love through interactions that build trust and are mutually respectful.
We are committed to authentic, honest, open, and respectful communication with each other as we practice and apply Unity teachings through thought, word and action.


















Zen of Chocolate


Dare to Dream Celebration Service




I Promise Part 1 January 17 Celebration Service












White Stone January 3, 2020 Celebration Service


Burning Bowl December 27, 2021 Celebration Service


Advent Gift of Joy,December 20, 2021,Celebration Service



Advent Gift of Love,December 13,2021 Celebration Service



Advent Gift of Peace,December 5,2021 Celebration Service


5th Sunday 1st Sunday of Advent













November 8, 2020 Celebration Service


November 1, 2020 Celebration Service


October 25, 2020 Celebration Service


October 18, 2020 Celebration Service














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October 11, 2020 Celebration Service



October 4,2020,Welcoming the Unwelcome



September 27,2020 Celebration Service