Transpose screening Q&A

Transpose is a film documentary that explores the extraordinary challenges and triumphs of transgender people as they transition from the gender assigned to them at birth to living the life that they have envisioned for themselves whether as a transgender man or transgender woman. Transpose is a collection of powerful stories of individuals who choose to determine the course of their life, regardless of the difficult path of transition.
“The stories of courage, tenacity and resolve exhibited by the characters will surely touch the lives of people, in one shape or form. It humanizes the struggles of the transgender community and affirms the basic desire of each of us to live the best life we want.” – Maria Angela.
“We’re talking about the trans people and their families,” says Alejandro Lex Treviño, Arttitude board member. “How their transition affected them from their individual basis.”
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Arttitude, a Dallas nonprofit that serves to unite the LGBTQ community, will screen the film June 14th at Unity on Greenville. Transpose Extended is a continuation of the Arttitude first film, Transpose: The Transgender Project, that was released two years ago. The first film focused more on the exposure of transgender people living in Dallas.