The Week that Changed the World


As we prepare for Easter week observing rules to shelter at home and social distancing, be mindful of the opportunity to recognize the powerful shift and expansion of consciousness that is possible as we open the realm of infinite possibility:
Palm Sunday – April 5th  11:00 am Celebration Service live streamed on Unity on Greenville Facebook.  Video will be posted on YouTube after the service.  Palm Sunday is the beginning of Holy week.  A week full of spiritual meaning for all of us.  Tune in as we celebrate Jesus’ triumphant entrance into Jerusalem.
Holy Thursday – April 9th Pre-recorded Journey to Jerusalem meditation posted on YouTube and Unity on Greenville Facebook.  Tune in to Facebook or YouTube Thursday afternoon for this guided meditation.  Follow he journey of Jesus into Jerusalem and experience time as it unfolded.  
Good Friday – April 10th  12 noon Sacred time – Readings, music, and meditation. Live stream on Unity on Greenville FaceBook.  Rev. Karen will offer sacred readings, contemplative music, and meditation. Join together to enter the silence of the tomb.   
Easter Sunday – April 12th 6:45am Live stream on Unity on Greenville FB.  Gather on FB from outdoors at your home or wherever you are and experience the Easter sunrise together. Enjoy time of meditation and reflection.  Rev. Karen will begin this time together with guided meditation, followed by silence.  We will celebrate the sunrise of Easter morning together.  
Easter Sunday – April 12th 11:00 am Today I Rise – Celebration Service live stream on Unity on Greenville Facebook.  For Jesus, the time in the tomb was transformational.  When Jesus rose from the tomb, he had changed form.  He released the physical body and moved as spirit. This time “in the tomb”, our time apart from the world offers an opportunity of great transformation for each of us.  As we observe the silence and contemplative time we are drawn away from the noise and confusion of the word into a place of great personal transformation.  The question may be “what shall rise as you?”.  Join us Easter Sunday, April 12th at 11:00am for our Livestream Celebration Service.